Visualization Interview Preparation Guide
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Computer Visualization job preparation guide for freshers and experienced candidates. Number of Visualization frequently asked questions(FAQs) asked in many interviews

43 Visualization Questions and Answers:

1 :: Computer Visualization Job Interview Questions Part 1:

What do you mean by the term visualization? How does computer graphics helps in visualization?
Name few of the fields that are heavily dependent on visualization.
Data visualizations have been there for decades, but in near past IT industries have had a great impact on them, how? What is the significance of IT industries over visualization?
Can you name some of the downsides of Visualization?
Give few examples of Visualization tools that are available in the market.
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2 :: Computer Visualization Job Interview Questions Part 2:

Give the references of few real life scenarios in which visualization play important role.
How does visualization amplifies cognition?
Differentiate Data Visualization with Statistical Graphics.
What are various types of information visualization techniques?
Draw the flowchart of visualization stages.
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3 :: Computer Visualization Job Interview Questions Part 3:

Name few of the subfields of Visualization.
How would you differentiate visualization with a data-based infographics?
Name few of the primitive form graphical data representation.
What is a tag cloud? How do bloggers use them to present their information?
Is it possible to have Dynamic Visualizations? If yes, then frame a scenario in which dynamic visualization would be a better option than other counterpart.
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4 :: Computer Visualization Job Interview Questions Part 4:

How visualization can be a boon in education sector?
Give two ways Information visualization improves coginition.
What kind of rich compelling visualizations would be suitable for representing trends of a country’s population?
Is it possible that visualization might have user interactions as well in it? In which scenarios we can employ user interactions in addition to visual representation of data.
What is common way of visually representing multivariate datasets?
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5 :: Computer Visualization Job Interview Questions Part 5:

Explain briefly basic elements of a graph. How can it be visualized?
List and give examples of the Wehrend & Lewis eleven basic actions in visualization environments.
Can give few examples of applications which allow zooming while maintaining context.
What are the fundamental problems faced by the applications providing zooming capabilities?
Pour some light over pre-attentive processing.
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6 :: Computer Visualization Job Interview Questions Part 6:

What are the ways for solving problem of occlusion while drawing edges of a map or a graph?
What is the main yet to be solved problem that always haunt people in the field of information visualization?
What are the trends expected in the field of information visualization in near future?
What is data mining? How it is different from information visualization?
What do you understand by mindmaps?
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7 :: Computer Visualization Job Interview Questions Part 7:

What is scientific visualization? How it is different from other visualization techniques?
What is flow visualization? How it is different from volume visualization?
Semiotics of graphics plays important role in visualization. How?
Can you pour some light over Gibson’s Affordance theory?
What is the concept of data suppression?
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8 :: Computer Visualization Job Interview Questions Part 8:

What are the capabilities of adobe’s Flex Framework? How can we use it for creating rich visualizations?
What are hyperbolic tree views? How they are used in visual representation of data?
Mention few advantages & disadvantages of treemaps method of visualization.
What do you understand by magic lens technique? How it is used for information visualization?
What is document visualization? What are common issues in it?
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9 :: Computer Visualization Job Interview Questions Part 9:

List few methods to solve problem of data overflow from the screen.
What are chernoff faces & how they are useful in information visualization?
There are three types of variable we use in information visualization. What are they? Explain them.
Scatterplot matrices are widely used in field of information visualization. What kind of data do it represent?
What does acyclic means in context of visualization?
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10 :: Computer Visualization Job Interview Questions Part 10:

What is difference between rollover & brushing?
What is sunburst model? How information can be represented in it?
What are the major problems in 3D visualizations? How can they be solved?
Describe several information visualizations that you believe will be possible and useful with the widespread adoption of virtual reality systems.
Name & describe few techniques that are suitable for representing huge amount of data. What are their relative merits?
Explain what Tufte meant by ‘Data-Ink Maximization’.
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