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Versioning Control frequently Asked Questions by expert members with experience in Version Control. These interview questions and answers on Versioning Control will help you strengthen your technical skills, prepare for the interviews and quickly revise the concepts. So get preparation for the Versioning Control job interview

18 Version Control Questions and Answers:

1 :: How to create a package in changeman?

from changeman primary option menu,select 1(Build).1
(create),then it will ask for pkg details.fill those and a
new pkg will be created. Important thing is specifying the
release date of that package.
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2 :: What are some troubleshooting hints for Web Start applications?

Log files should help you.
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3 :: Explain impersonation?

At times users access a resource as though they were
someone else. This is known as impersonation. For example,
if a web page has no access controls, then any user can
access that web page. HTML pages, ASP pages, and components
in version 3.0 and earlier can be accessed through two
accounts named IUSR_machinename and IWAM_machinename. Both
the accounts are set up during IIS installation, and are
automatically added to all the folders in every web site on
the server.

Anonymous access to a resource in IIS makes the task of
identifying a user extremely difficult. But there is no
need to authenticate a user in the case of IIS. When IIS
receives a request for a web page or other resource that
has permission for anonymous access, IIS treats the
IUSR_machinename account as the user's account, to access
the resources. If the resource requested by the user is an
ASP page that uses a COM or COM+ component, that component
is executed using the IWAM_machinename account.
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4 :: Which version control (VC) or software configuration management (SCM) systems work with Merge?

You can use Tortoise SVN,which has Merge Utility embedded
in it.
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6 :: What is subversion?

Suppose if we have released a version. Later if some more
features are added to the previous version we have to
create a subversion for the original version.

Ex: version 1.0.0
subversion 1.1.0
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7 :: What is eSvn?

eSvn is cross-platform and runs under Unix-like operating
systems..and it is a GUI for subversion like tortoise svn
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8 :: Tell me What Configuration Management tools are available?

configuration management:Configuration management is the
system you use to track multiple development builds of the
software so that confusion is avoided. Revision control,
Change Control, and Release Control are important aspects
of Configuration Management.
there are many version control systems or configuration
mangament tools available in the
market.their commercial names are as follows

2)VSS(Visual Source Safe from Microsoft)--right expansion
5)CM synergy
7)code co-op
8)cms and mms
10)disciplined software management
11)Tortoise CVS
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9 :: How to list all the cos by a user in different jobs through a single command?

ct lsco -me
this gives all checkedout files by a user
ct lsco -avobs -cview -me
List all files checked out to all views by a user
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10 :: What is the difference b/w configuration management tool and version control tool?

version control is a part of Configuration management tool.
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