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L1 Visa frequently Asked Questions in various USA L1 Visa Interviews by interviewer. The set of L1 Visa interview questions here ensures that you offer a perfect answer to the interview questions posed to you. Get preparation of L1 Visa interview

27 USA L1 Visa Questions and Answers:

1 :: If one visiting USA on b2 visa if he can get a admission in a study course and can convert his visa in f1?

yes it can b changed visa is not changed status is changed
but there r many complexities
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2 :: I currently have a B1-Business Visa, and i used it. Can i apply for an L1 visa after using the B1 visa? will there be a cool down period before applying the other visa?

There is no connection between L1 and B1, L1 is an intra
company transfer visa which is a different catagory.

So, you can apply for L1 any time provided you meed the
requirements of L1 Visa such as working atleast for 1 year+
in parent/subsidary/group.

Kindly ask your company to appoint an attorny to get an
hassle free visa.
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3 :: I am the Diploma holder(Computer)as of now there is the opening in my project at onsite..some one tell me if apply L1 visa can i eligible? what is way getting work permit visa for diploma holder like me?

you can obtain a credential evaluation from some U.S
University if you have 3+ years of experience. Kindly let
me know how many years of experience you have
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4 :: What questions USA Visa Officer can ask while interview?

1. What is the name of your company?
2. How long you been working with current company?
3. What is your designation?
4. How long in a managerial position?
5. How many direct reports do you have?
6. What is your educational background?
7. What will be your role when you are in US?
8. Where is the headquarter of your company?
9. Have you been there(headquarter) before?
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7 :: My L1B US visa got rejected on Apr7, also my L1 individual got rejected on oct7. what is the next time period for me to apply for L1B VISA again?

Please give a cooling time of 2 months and then apply for
L-1B interview..already your visa got rejected 2 times...so
its better to give more time for your next attempt..."Better
late than Never"
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8 :: My education is Diploma in Mechanical Engg, I have 5+ years experience in Aerospace projects. Please let me know that I am eligible for getting the L1 visa or not?

Yes you can apply for L1-individual. As you specified you
are completed diploma. you are elegi ble for L1-Individual.
Who has completed B.TECH/M.TECH can applay for L1-Blanket.
The L1 petition must be filed by your company. Eligible
educational documets are going to verified for US equalence
checking with USIC.
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9 :: If our name has filed in CIBIL. Let me know what will be the impact for VISA processing?

Will not have any impact.
While my name was on the CIBIL list.. I applied for B1, came
to USA, applied for B1 extension, then applied for L1.

Note: Also not all banks share the info to CIBIL,
public-sector banks do not disclose.
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