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Testing Techniques job test questions and answers guide. The one who provides the best answers with a perfect presentation is the one who wins the job hunting race. Learn Testing Techniques and get preparation for the new job

10 Testing Techniques Questions and Answers:

1 :: Can you tell me some thing about Six Sigma

It is a methodology and set of tools for the measurement of process quality. It demonstrates that the business process is well controlled. Six Sigma level can be achieved when the accuracy of your process gets only 3.4 defects per million opportunities.

Here’s the list of acceptable number of defects per million to correspond to each Sigma level:

Sigma level Defects per million opportunities
1 690,000
2 308,537
3 66,807
4 6,210
5 233
6 3.4
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2 :: Do you know who forms the part of Six Sigma implementation team?

Attaining Six Sigma is a team effort. An organization who wants to attain Six Sigma needs a lot of restructuring and change in attitude. It includes building up the following roles to take up the required responsibilities:

1. Executive Leadership-Includes CEO and other top management team members. They set up the vision of Six Sigma and empower their team mates with the freedom and resources required for the improvements in the process.
2. Champions- Responsible for the implementation of the process in an integrated manner through out the organization. They come from Top management.
3. Master Black Belts-Act as in-house expert coach for the organization. They assist Champions and train Black Belts and Green Belts.
4. Black Belts-Apply Six Sigma methodology to specific projects. Their focus is on execution of activities for Six Sigma.
5. Green Belts-These are like the soldiers on the war front who actually implement the planned action.
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3 :: Explain Random testing?

Random testing as the name suggests has no particular approach to test. It is an ad hoc way of testing. The tester randomly picks modules to test by inputting random values.

E.g. an output is produced by a particular combination of inputs. Hence, different and random inputs are used.
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4 :: Do you know Equivalence Partitioning?

Equivalence partitioning is a technique used in software testing which aims to reduce the number of test cases and choose the right test cases. This is achieved by identifying the “classes” or “groups” of inputs in such a way that each input value under this class will give the same result.

E.g. a software application designed for an airline has special offer functionality. The offer is that first two member of every city booking the ticket for a particular route gets a discount. Here, the group of inputs can be “All cities in India”.
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5 :: What is Fish Bone Diagram?

Fish Bone Diagram is also called Ishikawa Diagram or Cause and Effect Diagram.
It is called Fish Bone Diagram because of its structure.
Dr. Kaoru Ishikawa invented it so it is called Ishikawa Diagram.
It performs the job of analyzing the causes and their effects pertaining to the Project. So, it is called Cause and Effect Diagram.

It helps in identifying the potential causes of problems and finally the root cause which make a difference on the performance of the project. This helps in finding the solutions to the problems which have affected the performance of the last project.
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6 :: Can you tell me some thing about Monkey testing?

The monkey testing is the process of testing here and there for judging the application trying to observe the accessing different functionalities is in coherence or is it going to cause any abnormalities getting the whole application to feel by jumping here and there.
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7 :: Can you tell me some thing about Boundary value Analysis?

Test cases written for boundary value analysis are to detect errors or bugs which are likely to arise while testing for ranges of values at boundaries. This is to ensure that the application gives the desired output when tested for boundary values.

E.g. a text box can accept values from minimum 6 characters to 50 characters. Boundary value testing will test for 5 characters, 6 characters, 50 characters and 51 characters.
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8 :: Do you know Black box testing?

Black box testing or functional testing means testing the software for the outputs when specified inputs are provided. It is usually performed to see if the software meets the user’s requirements. There’s no focus on what goes behind running that software. An example of this could be manual testing of the system by a tester, assembly testing.
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9 :: Please tell me what are function points?

In order to express the amount of business functionality of an information system, a function point is used as a unit of measurement.

There is International Function Point Users Group in US based organization of users of the software metric Function Point Analysis

Every function point is a unit of measure used by IFPUG functional size measurement method.

The IFPUG FSM is one of the currently recognized standards of ISO for functionally sizing software.
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10 :: Can you explain what are the different elements in Functions points?

The elements in functions points are:

External Inputs: It is an elementary process which allows the data to cross the boundary from outside to inside.
External Outputs: A elementary process which allows the data passes across the boundary from inside to outside
External Inquiry: It is an elementary process which has both input and output components which results data retrieval from one or more internal logical files and external interface files.
Internal Logical Files: An identifiable group of logically related data that resides entirely within the applications boundary and is maintained through external inputs.
External Interface Files: An identifiable group of logically related data that is used only for reference purpose. The data is completely persisted outside the application and is maintained by another application.
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