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Testing Estimation frequently Asked Questions in various Testing Estimation job Interviews by interviewer. The set of questions here ensures that you offer a perfect answer posed to you. So get preparation for your new job hunting

30 Testing Estimation Questions and Answers:

1 :: What is the concept of Application Boundary?

Application boundary considers users perspective. It indicates the margin between the software measured and the end user. It helps to identify what is available to the end user externally from the interface to interact with the internal of the system. This helps to identify the scope of the system.
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2 :: What is TPA Analysis?

Test Point Analysis is an approach for formulating all top-down methods. TPA is utilized for arriving at the estimated effort. TPA only covers the Black-box testing which is an estimate for the test activities. It can also be useful in the case where the test hour allowance has been predetermined. Risks can clearly be identified by comparing the objective TPA estimate with the help of the number of test hours that is predetermined.
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3 :: What are function points?

Function points are measurement of a unit for software which resembles an hour measuring time. The functionality of the software is quantified by function points on the request provided by the customer primarily based on logical design. Function points measures software development and its maintenance consistently among all projects and enterprises.
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4 :: Explain steps in function points?

Below are the steps in function points:

First Count ILF, EIF, EI, EQ, RET, DET, FTR and use the rating tables. After you have counted all the elements you will get the unadjusted function points.
Put rating values 0 to 5 to all 14 GSC. Adding total of all 14 GSC to come out with total VAF. Formula for VAF = 0.65 + (sum of all GSC factor/100).
Finally, make the calculation of adjusted function point. Formula: Total function point = VAF * Unadjusted function point.
Make estimation how many function points you will do per day. This is also called as "Performance factor".On basis of performance factor, you can calculate Man/Days.
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5 :: Can you explain function points?

Function points are a unit measure for software much like an hour is to measuring time, miles are to measuring distance or Celsius is to measuring temperature. Function Points are an ordinal measure much like other measures such as kilometers, Fahrenheit, hours, so on and so forth.

This approach computes the total function points (FP) value for the project, by totaling the number of external user inputs, inquiries, outputs, and master files, and then applying the following weights: inputs (4), outputs (5), inquiries (4), and master files (10). Each FP contributor can be adjusted within a range of +/-35% for a specific project complexity.
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6 :: Explain how TPA works?

There are three main elements which determine estimates for black box testing: size, test strategy, and productivity. Using all three elements we can determine the estimate for black box testing for a given project. Let's take a look at these elements.

Size: The most important aspect of estimating is definitely the size of the project. The size of a project is mainly defined by the number of function points. But a function point fails or pays the least attention to the following factors:
Complexity: Complexity defines how many conditions exist in function points identified during a project. More conditions means more test cases which means more testing estimates. Software Testing Image
Interfacing: How much does one function affect the other part of the system? If a function is modified then accordingly the other systems have to be tested as one function always impacts another.
Uniformity: How reusable is the application? It is important to consider how many similar structured functions exist in the system. It is important to consider the extent to which the system allows testing with slight modifications.

Test strategy: Every project has certain requirements. The importance of all these requirements also affects testing estimates. Any requirement importance is from two perspectives: one is the user importance and the other is the user usage. Depending on these two characteristics a requirement rating can be generated and a strategy can be chalked out accordingly, which also means that estimates vary accordingly.
Productivity: This is one more important aspect to be considered while estimating black box testing. Productivity depends on many aspects.
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7 :: What are the different Ways of doing Black Box testing?

There are five methodologies most frequently used:

Top down according to budget
WBS (Work Breakdown Structure)
Guess and gut feeling
Early project data
TPA (Test Point Analysis)
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8 :: Can you explain TPA analysis?

TPA is a technique used to estimate test efforts for black box testing. Inputs for TPA are the counts derived from function points.

Below are the features of TPA:

Used to estimate only black box testing.
Require function points as inputs.
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9 :: What is Dynamic elementary Process?

The dynamic elementary process moves data from an internal application boundary to an external application boundary or vice-versa. Example: Input data screen where a user inputs data into the application. Data moves from the input screen inside the application.
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10 :: What is Static elementary Process?

Static elementary process which maintains the data of the application either inside the application boundary or in the external application boundary. For example, in a customer maintenance screen maintaining customer data is a static elementary process.
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