Test Director Interview Preparation Guide
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Test Director Interview Questions and Answers will guide us now that Test Director is a test management tool produced by Mercury Interactive. Its four modules, Requirements, Test Plan, Test Lab and Defects Manager are integrated to enable information to flow smoothly between different stages of the testing process, so learn Test Director and get job in Test Director with the help of this Test Director Interview Questions with Answers guide

38 Test Director Questions and Answers:

1 :: What is Test Director?

TestDirector is a test management tool produced by Mercury Interactive. Its four modules - Requirements, Test Plan, Test Lab and Defects Manager - are integrated to enable information to flow smoothly between different stages of the testing process. Completely Web-enabled, TestDirector supports communication and collaboration among distributed testing teams. TestDirector has been classified in the following categories: Defect Tracking Testing and Analysis Debugging Automated Software Quality (ASQ)

2 :: How do we import testcases written in Excel to Test Director?

Use Mecury Interactive Microsoft Excel Add-in for importing test cases written in excel sheet. It is available on Add-ins page. Select the rows in excel which you want to upload to TD Then select export to TD option under tools menu

3 :: Can you retrieve a test case once you have deleted them in Test Director?

In Quality Center, if you delete entire folder with tests, the tests get stored in Unattached folder. But if you just deleted 'individual' tests, they are GONE! and can't be retrieved. Not sure if Test Director has the same behaviour/functionality. There are 2 options in QC. one is remove and another is delete. the diffrence is that .once it is remove it is removed from test set but avail in QC directory. If it is deleted, you can't retrive. If you press delete that will delete from that QC directory also.

4 :: How to use TestDirect like a Dashboard?

The new version of TD (TestDirector for Quality Center) should provide you with that. If you not want to upgrade, you have to design your own "start page", include the apps and bits you want to display, and use code to extract data from TD.

5 :: After creating the test cases in excel and exported to TD. How does test director know the headings?

To export the test cases from spreadsheet to TD there are 8 steps. In 6th step we need to map the Td fields with corresponding Spreadsheet columns. Hence you are the mapping so you can map according to your specifications.

6 :: What do you call the window testdirector testlab?

Execution Grid". It is place from where we Run all Manual / Automated Scripts

7 :: What is Quality Center( Test Director)?

You can use Quality Center to create a project (central repository) of manual and automated tests and components, build test cycles, run tests and components, and report and track defects. You can also create reports and graphs to help you review the progress of test planning, runs, and defect tracking before a software release. When you work in QuickTest, you can create and save tests and components directly to your Quality Center project. You can run QuickTest tests or components from Quality Center and then use Quality Center to review and manage the results. You can also use Quality Center with Business Process Testing support to create business process tests, comprised of the components you create in either QuickTest or Quality Center with Business Process Testing support.

8 :: Is there any possibility to restrict duplication of defects being created in TD?

No Way. The only thing we can do is to find the similar defects and delete or close them.

9 :: How you integrated your automated scripts with TestDirector?

When you work with WinRunner, you can choose to save your tests directly to your TestDirector database or while creating a test case in the TestDirector we can specify whether the script in automated or manual.

10 :: What is the use of TestDirector software?

TestDirector is Mercury Interactive's software test management tool. It helps quality assurance personnel plan and organize the testing process. With TestDirector you can create a database of manual and automated tests, build test cycles. TestDirector is not used for executing any actual test activity but it is a test management tool used for Requirements Management, Test Plan, Test Lab, and Defects Management. Even if the individual test cases are not automated, TestDirector can make life much easier during the test cycles.