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Technical Writer frequently Asked Questions by expert members with experience in Technical Writer. These interview questions and answers on Technical Writer will help you strengthen your technical skills, prepare for the interviews and quickly revise the concepts. So get preparation for the Technical Writer job interview

5 Technical Writer Questions and Answers:

1 :: What is the goal of ERP/SAP?
Disadvantages of ERP/SAP?

SAP is basically a course pursed after completing your
graduation in engineering.Generally SAP course is preffered
in large firms or multinationals.As far as ERP and its
disadvantages are concerned i dont have information about
them...but i feel SAP would add as an advantage....

2 :: How to create 2 table of contents in a single
word...Actually, I created one table of content for module1....and in the same word i want to create another table of content for module2...IF i am following the procedure which is specified to create table of contents.....then the table of contents added for module1 is reflecting at module2 table of contents. I am unable to create table of contents for module2 in same word?

Use different table identifiers. Each TOC is given a letter
identifier, and the entries for each TOC are marked with
that letter. So "C" entries go into TOC "C".
Split the document into separate sequential bookmarked
areas. Each bookmarked part then has a TOC created for it

3 :: What is the importance of documentation for a product based company?

In a product based company, documentation plays a huge role
in attracting new customers, helping the existing ones with
their way around the product. It is important to showcase
the product, its features, whats new scenarios, the new end
and fast solutions to certain previously known problems.
All this information should be communicated in a clear and
concise manner, that actually interests the potential user
to go a step further in getting to know more about the
product. in case of a current user, he/she should be
comfortable to look into the documentation for any
potential troubleshooting issues with the product. If a
product documentation can achieve that, it itself is a
success to the company in many ways.

4 :: Explain an Operations Manual typical outline?

The outline should consist of no less than the following Topics:







Service and Support

This question examines their experience, because the answer
to this question is basic. This simply means a typical
draft outline would begin with these topics, but ultimately
may include more. The experienced writer never forgets the
topic "Safety", the less experienced writer may forget to
include Safety.

5 :: How to validate information content, what you have written?

Through appropriate subject matter experts designated to
provide and review information content, and managers
designated to confirm you have communicated with these
subject matter expects. A communications and validation
process must be in place or implemented.

This question is important and provide fast information with
regards to the experience of the writer. The experienced
Technical Writer knows information content is collected
through subject matter expects typically assigned by a
Senior Manager. If they have any problem describing a
communications process for information collection and
validation, their lacking experience.