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Support Agent related Frequently Asked Questions by expert members with job experience as Support Agent. These questions and answers will help you strengthen your technical skills, prepare for the new job interview and quickly revise your concepts

51 Support Agent Questions and Answers:

1 :: Explain me what do you enjoy about customer service?

It’s important for customer service reps to be empathetic and people-oriented. Good answers might include “I like talking to people and finding out about their lives” or “I love the feeling of helping somebody solve a problem they’re having.”
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2 :: Can you tell me an example of a time you gave a customer great service?

Great candidates should have specific stories of interactions they’ve had with customers. It demonstrates that they really do empathize with the individuals they’re serving and understand the value of great service.
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3 :: Tell us what types of customer service systems have you used in the past?

There are a lot of customer support systems out there. Some of the more common ones include Zendesk, Freshdesk, (owned by Salesforce), Zoho Support, and Jira Service Desk.
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4 :: Explain me about your ability to work under pressure as Support Agent?

I’d like to think I react to situations as opposed to stress. The reality is, when handled correctly, many problems avoid becoming unnecessarily stressful. Come to think of it, I belive I actually work better under pressure. It’s help me produce some of my best work and to be honest I like being challenged. From a stress management point of view, I like to burn off the day with a workout or by going for a run.
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5 :: Why should we hire you as Support Agent?

An easy question to answer well with one caveat – don’t slam your fellow interviewee’s. On the one hand, you have an opportunity to really stand out from the pack. Alternatively, You shouldn’t assume the skills of other applicants. Focus on your own strengths, and if the interviewer hasn’t given you an opportunity to mention that one “slam dunk” quality about yourself, now would be the time.

Is there a wrong way to answer this question? Consider the responses below:

☛ “I really need a job right now”
☛ “I need the money”
☛ “Your office is really close to my house”
☛ “I’ve always been interested in what you guys do”
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6 :: Tell me what do you know about our product or service?

So, I know that you guys make quality backpacks and other camping, travel, and outdoor gear. I haven’t bought any products from your company myself, but my sister is a big fan. I am also familiar with several of the brands that you sell, such as Kelty.
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7 :: As you know in a traditional call center, you cannot hear a customer’s tone over live chat. What are some of the cues that you can look for over live chat to know how a customer is feeling?

Well, you can watch out for an ellipsis (…); that to me seems like an indicator that the customer is waiting for you to say something (when standing alone), or that they’re hesitant in some respect (when at the end of a sentence). If a customer responds in all capital letters they are probably very upset. How they use exclamation marks and smiley faces can also be telling of satisfaction levels.
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8 :: Tell me about a time where you have had a good experience as a customer, talking to a customer service representative. What made that experience so good?

If an interviewee can tell you what they as a customer have enjoyed from customer service, then it is likely that they will strive to bring the same kind of service to the table. A candidate who can imagine being a customer can relate to your customers, and empathize with their struggles.

Here’s a successful example:
The best experiences that I have had as a customer have been when a representative was very warm and friendly. They had a good sense of humor, and were very helpful. It felt like a friend giving me advice, not an employee giving me assistance. Also, when they are able to show a lot of knowledge of the product, I walk away feeling great—like my purchase was a good decision.
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9 :: Tell us what have you done at your current company to improve a process, save time, money or resources?

At my last company, I noticed that a product that was often stolen was sports jerseys. Team sports was a department that was often targeted because it was so close to the exit. Since our company didn’t have any sort of tag or alarm on these jerseys, I suggested to management that we begin tagging this product, despite it being below the value that we usually tag. Two months later, our losses were down 25%.
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10 :: Can you explain are you a team player?

If a candidate prefers to be a ‘lone wolf’, they’re probably not the right pick. Customer service reps are always communicating – with clients and customers, as well as with the rest of your team. They need to be easy to get along with, charismatic, and (almost always) extroverted. At the same time, you need a customer service agent who can work independently. They shouldn’t require constant supervision, but should enjoy teamwork.
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