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Solaris System Calls frequently Asked Questions in various Solaris System Calls job Interviews by interviewer. The set of Solaris System Calls interview questions here ensures that you offer a perfect answer to the interview questions posed to you. Get preparation of Solaris System Calls job interview

14 Solaris System Calls Questions and Answers:

1 :: When i am checking the services its showing maintenance state i checked all dependents and dependencies then what is procedure should i do step by step.pls tell me the answer as soon as possible?

if the service goes in mentanace mode,plz do the followiing

#svcs -xv (service name) //to checck the service //
if the service is in mentainance
#svcs clear (service name) //to restore the service //
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2 :: When i am checking the services its showing uninitialized then what should i do. please tell me the answer as soon as possible?

if the service goes in mentanace mode,plz do the followiing

#svcs -xv (service name) //to checck the service //
if the service is in mentainance
#svcs clear (service name) //to restore the service //
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3 :: when iam loging in to my system as a normal user through
the telnet i am not able to login, the message appears on the screen is unable to connect the host:the connection is refused. please tell me the answers as soon as possible?

Telnet is enabled only when u enable the option
CONSOLE=/dev/console in /etc/default/login. By default the
file is not commented . You have to comment the file
CONSOLE=/dev/console by #sign.
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4 :: How to set dedicated IP in Zoning?

Each zone has one or several dedicated IP addresses. Zone
cannot share IP with the "mothership" (global zone) or other
By using zonecfg command we can set dedicated IP for any
child zone
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5 :: We just changed the server name, then onwards the Volume manager is not loading. Tell us what might be the reason?

if the /etc/vx/volboot file contains difference in the host
id, configuration daemon (veritas volume manager) won't
start. In order to fix, you can disable/enable the volume
manager configuration to new hostname.
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6 :: Fast I Install red hat Linux 4.0 and again I install Sun Solaris 10 after install Solaris I got problem I am not able to see Red Hat Linux what was the problem, I need to Edit something, So tell me step by step configuring?

It's not working properly,If u edited grub working only few

Better than Solaris OS install first then u can install
Redhat after u follow step by step for running both OS at
single machine at a time single os:

After install redhat now u can able see linux os only,after
login linux

1. Edit /boot/grub/grub.conf # end of this file add some lines

2. title Sun Solaris
root (hd0,0) or root (sd0,0) # This for primary
partition otherwise which partition did u install mention
here like (hd0,2)
chainloader +1

Then save & exit now shutdown ur pc (don't reboot)
3. Now poweron ur pc now press arrow key then u can u able
see the solaris os will be list.Now select this enjoy
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7 :: Solaris Server is not running in multi level? Continuously restarting after installing the package?

While installing the package, use pkgadd -d <package name>
this will have impact only in running state once you resated
the system will be back to normal state as it was before
installing a package.

If no error is generated use pkgadd <package name>

Also you can use ok prompt or EEPROM to set the environment
variable auto-boot?=false.This will prevent the automatic
reboot of systems
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8 :: How to check damaged Scsi Disk?

1)check the errot messages like kernel and I/O related
errors in /var/adm/messages file.if any disk having 2 write
errore and 10 read errors it is supposed toe Bad disk.

2)check logical and phsical path of that bad hard disk
using the command eeprom show-devs.

3)after that we have to genetae the ticket to the concern

4)take the full backup of that disk.

5)After taking the permission we need to change the disk
with timestamps.
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9 :: How to check from the OK boot prompt?

ok> probe-scsi

if required
ok> probe-scsi-all
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10 :: How to find out particular file from the backup tape with the help of ufsrestore?

use the command
bash#ufsrestore -if <backed-up device>


will list-out all the baked-up files.Select your required
file from that
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