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Software Quality Control frequently Asked Questions by expert members with experience in Software Quality Control. These questions and answers will help you strengthen your technical skills, prepare for the new job test and quickly revise the concepts

69 Software Quality Control Questions and Answers:

1 :: Software Quality Assurance Interview Questions Part One:

How would you categorize the severity of defects?
Where do you imagine you will be spending the bulk of your time?
When do you know you have tested enough?
What types of documents would you need for QA, QC, and Testing?
What did you include in a test plan?
Describe any bug you remember.
What is the purpose of the testing?
What do you like (not like) in this job?
What is quality assurance?
What is the difference between QA and testing?
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2 :: Software Quality Assurance Interview Questions Part Two:

How do you scope, organize, and execute a test project?
What is the role of QA in a development project?
What is the role of QA in a company that produces software?
Define quality for me as you understand it
Describe to me the difference between validation and verification.
Describe to me what you see as a process. Not a particular process, just the basics of having a process.
Describe to me when you would consider employing a failure mode and effect analysis.
Describe to me the Software Development Life Cycle as you would define it.
What are the properties of a good requirement?
How do you differentiate the roles of Quality Assurance Manager and Project Manager?
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3 :: Software Quality Assurance Interview Questions Part Three:

Tell me about any quality efforts you have overseen or implemented. Describe some of the challenges you faced and how you overcame them.
How do you deal with environments that are hostile to quality change efforts?
In general, how do you see automation fitting into the overall process of testing?
How do you promote the concept of phase containment and defect prevention?
If you come onboard, give me a general idea of what your first overall tasks will be as far as starting a quality effort.
What kinds of testing have you done?
Have you ever created a test plan?
Have you ever written test cases or did you just execute those written by others?
What did your base your test cases?
You are the test manager starting on system testing. The development team says that due to a change in the requirements, they will be able to deliver the system for SQA 5 days past the deadline. You cannot change the resources (work hours, days, or test tools). What steps will you take to be able to finish the testing in time?
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4 :: Software Quality Assurance Interview Questions Part Four:

Your company is about to roll out an e-commerce application. It’s not possible to test the application on all types of browsers on all platforms and operating systems. What steps would you take in the testing environment to reduce the business risks and commercial risks?
In your organization, testers are delivering code for system testing without performing unit testing. Give an example of test policy:

Policy statement

Testers in your organization are performing tests on the deliverables even after significant defects have been found. This has resulted in unnecessary testing of little value, because re-testing needs to be done after defects have been rectified. You are going to update the test plan with recommendations on when to halt testing. Wwhat recommendations are you going to make?
How do you measure:
Test Effectiveness
Test Efficiency
You found out the senior testers are making more mistakes then junior testers; you need to communicate this aspect to the senior tester. Also, you don’t want to lose this tester. How should one go about constructive criticism?
You are assigned to be the test lead for a new program that will automate take-offs and landings at an airport. How would you write a test strategy for this new program?
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5 :: Tell me what is software control plan? What are the characters of the software control plan?

- Quality Control Plan is to analyze the operations needed for the fulfillment of the software project requirements.

- Quality Control Plan ensures all the specifications are met and the quality of the product is maintained

The characteristics of the Quality Plan are as follows:

- Consistent: The plan should adhere to the guidelines and the specific standards.

- Complete: The plan should include project requirements, features and essentially the project plan documentation.

- Clear: The plan should be transparent to the developer and also to all the stake holders of the project requirements.

- Correct: The details of the project should be very clear to all stakeholders about project delivery date / postponement / cancellation.
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6 :: What is Software Quality Control?

A set of activities for ensuring the quality of the software product is known as Software Quality Control.
The focus is on identifying the defects in the original products produced.
It is limited only for Testing phase of SDLC.
Software Quality Control is governed by Software Quality Assurance.
Software Quality Control is detection oriented.
The scope relates to specific product.
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7 :: Tell me what Software Quality Control Nomenclature is implemented for a software product?

Software Quality Control Nomenclature:

- Verifying: comparing the code predictions

- Validating: Comparing the prediction of code with test data

- Version Testing: Comparing output of the current version with output of the previous version

- Installation Testing: Comparing the result with newly installed code to the sample result code

- Development Code: Code tested only by the software developer.

- Alpha Code: Testing of the software product internally by selected users.

- Beta Code: Code testing internally by a large numbers of users.

- Released Code: Well tested and documented code that is officially distributed.
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8 :: Explain what are Software Quality Control factors?

- Functionality - To determine the required functionality in the software

- Usability – To determine the ease of the software is to use.

- Maintainability – To determine whether the modifications of the software can be made.

- Efficiency - To determine whether the software is efficient.

- Portability – To determine whether the software can be transferred to another environment.

- Reliability – To determine the reliability of the software as per the client’s needs.
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9 :: Explain what are the quality characteristics of ISO 9126?

- Functionality : Functions that satisfies the specified requirements.

- Reliability : A set of attributes that are capable of software maintenance under specified conditions.

- Usability : A set of attributes that is capable of effort bearing on individual’s performance.

- Efficiency: A set of attributes that are capable of balancing the relationship between performance of software and the resources used.

- Maintainability: A set of attributes that are capable of bearing the effort required for specific modifications.

- Portability: A set of attributes those are capable to bear on the ability of the software to be transferred on another environment.
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10 :: Explain what are the factors that influence software quality?

- Clear purpose of the product. All documentation must be clearly written.

- Completeness to the fullest development of the product.

- Only needed information and minimum lines of code should present. It is important as the memory is limited.

- The software product should be portable, so that computers of various configurations would support the execution of the product.

- Product should be maintainable, so that the updating activity can be continued throughout the life time of the software product.
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