Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) Interview Preparation Guide
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Software Development Life Cycle frequently Asked Questions in various Software Development Life Cycle job Interviews by interviewer. The set of Software Development Life Cycle interview questions here ensures that you offer a perfect answer to the interview questions posed to you. Get preparation of Software Development Life Cycle job interview

7 Software Development Life Cycle Questions and Answers:

2 :: DNS is an acronym for?

it's Domain Name System.
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3 :: Without _________ computer can not run?

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4 :: What is your role and responsibilities in the project?

you can
My responsibilities are to develop user interface , input forms and writing validations for those input forms.

I have involved in unit testing, review meetings...etc.
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5 :: How to move a directory or element in Clearcase from one VOB to another? Which command do you use?Is it a "cut+paste" operation or "copy+paste" operation?

The command used is "relocate" command.I
thought it was "cut+paste" because after executing the
command the elements will be removed from the source VOB.
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6 :: What are the various role and responsibilities of organization SQA?

There are some interesting challenges for SQA role &
activities in my organization.
This is with reference to Software Industry.

Basically there is at a gross level lack of compliance to
Quality Management system (This is more to do with a mindset
issue & ego, high esteem perspective, ‘I can delivery
without QMS’)

Even the people in escalation path just listen, but do not
take much action.

SQA is supposed to co-ordinate reviews (tech and management)
However the fact is that practitioners preciously know when
a review is required as they have higher and bigger stake in
the project and they do it exactly when required
irrespective of what SQA says.
SQA is then merely a coordinator.

If SQA recommends a practice, no one follows (even though it
is understood that SQA is a customer advocate), when the
same thing is asked by customer, without fail everyone follows!

I find something wrong with the way SQA
Roles/Responsibilities are defined & implemented in the
organization I work with.

In one of the CMM Books I came across a Disadvantage of SQA
concept that was indicative of organizations would not want
to assign their best technical talent into such roles.
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7 :: What is different between procedure and function?

function can retun a single value,procedure can retun
multiple value max(1024) byte
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