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Siebel Realtime guideline for job interview preparation. Explore list of Siebel Realtime frequently asked questions(FAQs) asked in number of Siebel Realtime interviews. Post your comments as your suggestions, questions and answers on any Siebel Realtime Interview Question or answer. Ask Siebel Realtime Question, your question will be answered by our fellow friends.

26 Siebel Realtime Questions and Answers:

1 :: Explain if Gateway Server is not present cant we do Load Balancing?

We can't do with the 3rd Party load balancer like resonator. but, can do with HTTP load balancer in the web server.
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2 :: Suppose there is a search spec on BC, and Applet both. explain the execution of this scenario?

This is not true . Actually BC search specification will be replaced by Applet Search specification(NOT appended) and finally you will get the data queried using Applet search spec.

When we set search spec in BC and Applet it will do an AND between the Search spec of BC and Applet. For Exp: Bc level search spec is Name=Vijay and Applet level Country=India then the records display where Name=Vijay and Country=India.
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3 :: Suppose I have a view with form applet on the top and list applet at the bottom.There is "score" field in the list applet.How to display the totals of score in form applet?

Create a MVF in Parent BC,And also a Calculated Field with Calculated Value as Sum [MVF].

To be more specific, you may need to have a link/multivalue link and multivalue value [that actually holds the score value] and finally the calculated field to hold the definition as SUM
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4 :: Tell me when we use the following scenarios:
Base table having extension columns
Extension table have extension columns
Which one do you prefer, Explain?

In Siebel 7.8 there is no restriction in the number of columns in tables, but depending on the frequency of use and the relationship you should use it discretely (when 1:1 relation is there).

Its better to extent the base table rather than the extenstion table. As per the Siebel best parctice we are supposed to extent the base table only if the required type columns are not persent in the extension table.
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5 :: Explain while importing product or Account data why we are populating BU_ID?

S_BU is primarily created , to provide a setup to have multiple organizations in the same application. This concept will be very useful when people store the information about 'sister' concern which always say...
At this moment, it is important to differentiate the different critical business entities across organizations, such as ACCOUNT, PRODUCT, POSITION and so on which are in the top hierarchy...... Thats why to identify an unique account across organization, BU_ID has been added into the user key of most of the table, and thus Inserting these data into siebel through EIM/Regular IMport requires BU_ID to get populated...
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6 :: Suppose In an Applet we have a Button When we click on that Button we need to get an Business service. How we are going to do it?

Populate Method Invoked of button(control). Add a BC user property for invoking BS using method mentioned on applet control

For script currently in PreCanInvokeMethod that always permits a method to be executed, make use of the Named Method n User Property. Using the existing script on PB Sales Activity Form Applet as an example, the process for making use of the user property instead of the existing script is as follows:
Add a new applet user property to the applet:

Named Method 1: mthdGotoAccount 'INVOKE', mthdGotoAccount

Note: This user property only works with the CSSFrameBase (for form applets) and CSSFrameListBase (for list applets) classes.
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7 :: Explain how to find entity Relation in siebel tools?

In Tools,, click the Link Object type and query for both the entities for which u want to see the relation

In Tools. Select the Business Component. Then in 'View' Menui Select Visualise->View Relationships to see the Entity Relationships
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8 :: Suppose In the list applet field we have 10 records but i have to display only 2 records in list applet,what is the process should i follow?

select that applet in tools and in OBLE there is an option called

"HTML no of rows"

specify the number of rows u want
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9 :: Explain what are the EIM tables and base tables are required to your entities?

EIM tables are interface tables, when we want to export or import data from siebel base tables we need first to get the data from tha base tables to interface tables, the EIM component will have the .IFB file, in that file we need to specify type, source table, target table, batch number. it will successfuly export or import the data.
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10 :: Tell me what is user properties? Why we using the User properties?

User properties are object definitions that allow you to configure specialized behavior beyond what is configured in the parent object definition?s properties.
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