Siebel Common Interview Preparation Guide
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Siebel Common Frequently Asked Questions in various Siebel Basic Interviews asked by the interviewer. So learn Siebel Common with the help of this Siebel Basic Interview questions and answers guide and feel free to comment as your suggestions, questions and answers on any Siebel Basic Interview Question or answer by the comment feature available on the page.

62 Siebel Basic Questions and Answers:

1 :: Explain What is Symbolic URL in Siebel?

Symbolic URL allow you to configure Portal Agents in several ways. You use Symbolic URL Arguments for two purposes, to define data to be sent to an external host and to submit commands to SWE that affect the behavior of Portal Agents.

2 :: Suppose If a view has Admin Mode Property = True, then what will happen to User Properties we write on them?

it over-rides the Read-Only properties set at the Business Component level only, and not at the applet level

3 :: Explain What is the difference between "PickList Generic" and "PickList Hierarchical" Business components?

"PickList Generic" BC is used for Static Picklists. "PickList Hierarchical" is used for Hierarchical PickLists

"PickList Generic" BC and "PickList Hierarchical" BC are used for Static PickLists.
"PickList Generic" BC: This is used to store values which are not dependant on any other values.
"PickList Hierarchical" BC : This is used to select values based on the values selected from other field.

4 :: What is seed data in Siebel?

Data which is loaded during Siebel installation is called Seed data.

seed data is all the object definitions(BC,BO,Table..etc) ..thats gets stored wrt the installation

5 :: Tell me What does install.ksh and imprep.ksh files do?

Imprep.ksh : This is a database unix shell script provided by siebel for importing all your sif files in siebel repository.It is automatically run while installing siebel and it prepares Repository file in tools.
Install.ksh : contains all manually applied installation files.

6 :: How to import List of Values?

Depends on any Hierarchies, but using EIM_LST_OF_VAL(for EIM load) import parents first then children, otherwise you will receive failure message.

7 :: Explain Why is it not recommended to modify existing base tables?

During upgradation it will cause problem if we extend base tables.More over if it is necessary u can go for extension tables

8 :: What is the difference between EIM and EAI?

EIM : It is batch mode Integration. When data valume is large then we have to go to EIM

EAI : It is real time Integration. When data valume is small then we have to go to EAI

9 :: What is eapps.cfg file. and what is its significance?

Eapps.cfg file means swse.

This significance is which application should point to which object manager.

eapps.cfg is a single configuration file which contains configuration information,connection information,login and security settings.
it alloes the SWSE to communicate with siebel server.

10 :: What is Virtual BC? what is the use of vbc?

Virtual Business Component is used to display the data from another Legacy database , in the Siebel UI,without actually updating the siebel database.

which in a way helps to display the required details,as well as help us with storage limitation at siebel db end.