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SAS (Statistical Analysis System) frequently Asked Questions by expert members with experience in SAS. So get preparation for the SAS (Statistical Analysis System) job interview

11 SAS Questions and Answers:

1 :: Suppose date is 05sep2005; i want the output like 05sep2005:00:00:00 ; how it will come?

data test_date;
input date;
informat date datetime18;
proc print data=test_date;
format date datetime18.;

2 :: What is option year cuttoff in sas?

by this option we can set the year span like
Options yearcutoff=2050
so it sets year from 2050 to 2049 ..

3 :: How to CREATE an external dataset with sas code?

I thought about sth like this:

Data _null_;
filename fileref <device-type>


something like this buy it do not work.
and i would like to add BLK, DISP; UNIT SIZE

4 :: How to add a number to a macro variable?

Use %eval to do simple calculation for macro variables.
data _null_;
%let a = 1;
%let b = %eval(&a+1);
%put a=&a b=&b;

7 :: In PROC PRINT, can you print only variables that begin with the letter “A”?

Use the idea of variable list (varlist) wildcard :

proc print data=xxx ;
var A: ;
run ;
This will list all variables start with letter A.

9 :: What is validvarname and varnum? why we are using this options; explain with a syntax for this options?

The following example shows how the Pass-Through Facility
works with

options validvarname=uppercase;
proc sql;
connect to oracle as tables(user=USERID orapw=passward
create table lab as
select lab_rslt, lab_test
from connection to oracle
(select "laboratory result$", "laboratory test$"
from DBMStable);

When we check the Output we observe that the variables in
the DBMS column is changed to upper case as well as V7
(default option) converts those variables into UPPERCASE
variables. Ex: " laboratory result$" becomes LAB_RSLT and "
laboratory test$" becomes LAB_TEST

VARNUM returns the number of a variable's position in a SAS
data set, or 0 if the variable is not in the SAS data set.
This is the same variable number that is next to the
variable in the output from PROC CONTENTS.

10 :: Suppose a null dataset with 10 variables; i want to print only name of the varibales in log window and also output window. How can we do this one?

data sm;
input name $ number;

dataset in created without observations but the dataset has