SAP BW Interview Preparation Guide
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SAP Business Warehouse job test questions and answers guide. The one who provides the best answers with a perfect presentation is the one who wins the job hunting race. Learn SAP BW and get preparation for the new job

3 SAP BW Questions and Answers:

1 :: SAP Business Warehouse interview questions part 1:

a.) ODS
b.) Table partition
c.) MultiProvider
d.) Web template
e.) Dash board

What is an infocube? What are its different types?
How much time would it take to extract 1 million data from infocube?
How much time would it take to upload 1 million data to infocube?
How would you measure the size of a infocube?

How would you do the following?
a.) Unloading non-cumulative cubes.
b.) Archiving cubex.
c.) Optimizing the dimensions
d.) Calling a BW query from an ABAP program.

List the steps to do the following:
a.) Converting from LIS to LO extraction.
b.) Creating classes in SAP-BW
c.) Extractig data from R/3.
d.) Configuring third party (BAPI) tools.
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2 :: SAP Business Warehouse interview questions part 2:

List the tools to monitor overall query performance.

What do you mean by following?
a.) Start routines
b.) Transfer routines
c.) Update routines
Explain return tables. How do start routine and return table synchronize with each other?
Situation -
a.) You have 3 cube for which you create multiprovider and a report. The data doesn't show up in the report. What went wrong?
b.) You have 10 cubes for which you created multiprovider but you want data only for one cube. What will you do?
List the steps to configure SD and MM for BW.

You want to see the log of transport connection. What t-code would you use? List the steps.
List the steps you would take to create your dashboard in BW.
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3 :: SAP Business Warehouse interview questions part 3:

You want to see the error idocs. Tell the navigation you would use.

You want to see if the execution of a query has been slow or fast. How would you do that?

Differentiate between v1, v2, v3 jobs in extraction.

Explain Business Blueprint Stage. What do you do here?

You want to convert BeX query Global structure to Local structure. How would you do that?

You want to start an implementation project. List the steps you would take to gather the requirements.

a.) Customization
b.) Tickets
c.) BP Master data
d.)0Record Mode
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