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References Checking job test questions and answers guide. The one who provides the best answers with a perfect presentation is the one who wins the job hunting race. Learn References Checking and get preparation for the new job

26 References Checking Questions and Answers:

1 :: Tell me what were the responsibilities of the position the candidate had while working at your company?

This question will help you to compare and verify the position that the reference is describing, with the description that was given to you by the candidate.
Before asking the next question, offer the reference a brief but specific description of the position the candidate is being considered for. Focus on the three top-priority responsibilities to enable the reference to provide specific feedback on each.
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2 :: Why or why not do you think the candidate is qualified to assume these responsibilities?

The reference will probably offer specific characteristics about the candidate that lead him/her to believe that the candidate could effectively assume the role. If the reference simply responds by affirming that, in his or her opinion, the candidate is qualified, probe by asking, What specific qualities or personal characteristics cause you to feel this way?
Prior to asking the next question, tell the reference that you will be responsible for managing and supporting this person in the position. You are, therefore, interested to know what management style the candidate responds best to.
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3 :: Tell me how would you describe your management style?

Again, probe to discover what specific management behaviors the candidate responds well to and compare differences in your management style from the one being described that may make a difference in how you interact with this employee
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4 :: Explain is this person a team player or does he or she excel by working alone?

Although teamwork is highly regarded by most companies, a person who is more independently directed may be what your position calls for. Determine, based on your assessment of the job, whether an interactive or independent work style is important for success -- and regardless of the answer, probe to determine whether the candidate demonstrated respect for other employees' contributions and a willingness to consider others' opinions.
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5 :: Explain what is a character reference letter?

It is a reference letter from a person who knows the candidate in a personal capacity rather than a previous employer. A personal character reference can be used as a recommendation for employment and should highlight the positive qualities of the individual.
This type of recommendation letter is more personal and less formal than a letter of recommendation from a former employer.
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6 :: Do you know who can write character reference letters?

The person who writes the reference letter should have sufficient knowledge of the individual for the character reference to be both credible and reliable.
Many people can be called on to write character references including business acquaintances, customers, church members, teachers, professors and neighbors. If you have volunteered for an organization ask one of the organizational leaders.
Sports coaches or instructors of activities you have participated in are another option. People you have conducted informal work for such as baby sitting, dog walking and lawn mowing can provide a plausible work-related recommendation.
Close relatives and friends are not usually considered the right people to provide a personal character recommendation.
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7 :: Tell me what should be included in a personal character reference?

The introduction should clearly indicate how the writer knows you and why he or she is eligible to write a personal reference for you. The letter should highlight your qualifications, the skills and behaviors the writer has first hand knowledge or experience of and why they would recommend you to a potential employer.
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8 :: What are the Positive attributes?

☺ Reliable,
☺ Honest,
☺ Organized,
☺ Persevering,
☺ Responsible,
☺ Good communicator,
☺ Hardworking,
☺ Diligent,
☺ Motivated,
☺ Adaptable,
☺ Helpful,
☺ Conscientious,
☺ Disciplined,
☺ Enthusiastic,
☺ Flexible,
☺ Responsible,
☺ Determined,
☺ Loyal,
☺ Energetic.
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9 :: Do you know What is a background check?

A background check is a common term used to describe one or a number of reports collected about a candidate for employment purposes. The FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act) defines a background check as a consumer report. The report can vary from just checking a social security number to an in-depth investigation of education, work, criminal, credit, social and lifestyle history, including job references.
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10 :: Tell me what must the employer do before doing a check?

Before an employer can get a consumer report for hiring purposes they must notify the candidate in writing and get the candidate's written permission to conduct the employment background screening. If the employer decides not to employ the candidate on the basis of the report they are required to disclose this to the candidate and provide a copy of the report.
Know what to expect from a credit report. What is involved in a criminal check? What cannot be included in a background check? How does the candidate prepare for a background screening? Get the answers to these questions and make sure you are not taken by surprise.
Be well prepared for the employment background checks a prospective employer is likely to run.
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