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112 Programming Concepts Questions and Answers:

1 :: Tell me what is the difference between collision domain and broad cast domain?

A collision domain is a logical area in a computer network where data packets can "collide" with one another, in particular in the Ethernet networking protocol. The more collisions in a network the less efficient it is.

A broadcast domain is a logical area in a computer network where any computer connected to the computer network can directly transmit to any other in the domain without having to go through a routing device.

2 :: Can you split the following code?
char far*scr=(char far*) 0xB8000000L?

Please share your answers.

6 :: Explain the difference between update, verify and debug mode?

These definitions are for winrunner Run modes

Verify: When ever we want to check the behavior of an application and to save the result we use verify run mode

update: When ever we want to create a new expected results for GUi checkpoints and Bitmap checkpoint we use update run mode

Debug: When ever we want to run a script after update without any errors in syntax we use Debug run mode

9 :: Explain what is the use of == and equals() method?

The == operator compare whether two object references are refer to the same instance or not.

The equals() method compare the characters(contents) of two String object.


String a="Hai";
String b="Hai";
String c=new String("Hai");
System.out.println(a==b); //True
System.out.println(a==c); //False
System.out.println(a.equals(b)); //True
System.out.println(a.equals(c)); //True

13 :: Tell me what is the difference between UNIX password and windows password?

WINDOWS the password lost then no way to login but it's not the case in UNIX,we can enter.

14 :: What is multithreading?

Multithreading is the ability of a program or an operating system process to manage its use by more than one user at a time and to even manage multiple requests by the same user without having to have multiple copies of the programming running in the computer. Central processing units have hardware support to efficiently execute multiple threads. These are distinguished from multiprocessing systems (such as multi-core systems) in that the threads have to share the resources of a single core: the computing units, the CPU caches and the translation lookaside buffer (TLB).

15 :: Tell me why constructors does not supports visual functions?

Constructor does not support virtual functions because we need an object to invoke a virtual method in the first place and more over constructors are used to initializing objects,which is a static type.Virtual functions are invoked on the dynamic type of the object,hence the object may not be properly initialized when a constructor call is made.Since the derived part of the object would not be initialized during the execution of base class constructor,hence calling any virtual method from base class constructor does not work well.

16 :: Explain what are mutants and explain mutation testing?

A mutated program is called Mutant and Mutation testing is based up on seeding the Implementation with a Fault by applying mutation Operator and determining whether Testing Identify this fault is called Mutation testing

17 :: What is race around condition?

A race around condition is a fault in the process or a system where the output or the result of the process is critically and unexpectedly dependent on the timing of other events. Race condition especially occurs in multithreaded or in distributed systems.

18 :: Do you know hows do electrons travel through a lightning bolt?

Generally, lightning is negatively charged. During thunderstorms. The Earths is recharged and its surface becomes good conductor of electricity. The Earth is charged negatively and the atmosphere is charged positively. Electrons flow upwards from the entire surface of the Earth. Thunderstorms help transfer the negative charges back to Earth.

19 :: Explain how to calculate response time in Client-Server technology?

This can be done by measureing the time taken by the first byte to reach the client (TTFB) and the time taken by the last byte of the response to reach the client (TTLB) by using various network bandwidths between the client and the server.

20 :: How to delete a entire linked list?

You delete a linked list by iterating through the list and deleting the nodes one by one.
Begin at the head
Get address of first node
Get address of next node
Delete first node
Do not to access next of the current node after deleting the current node.
Move next node to first node

If the list is empty, the head pointer will be NULL.