Peoplesoft Tools Interview Preparation Guide
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PeopleSoft Tools job preparation guide for freshers and experienced candidates. Number of PeopleSoft Tools frequently asked questions(FAQs) asked in many interviews

44 Peoplesoft Tools Questions and Answers:

1 :: PeopleSoft tools interview questions part 1:

How many sub pages, secondary pages can you create in one level?
What is the use of set control field in record field properties?
a.) You want to migrate database from one database to another. How would you do that?
b.) You want to create a prompt table dynamically for a specified field. How would you do that?
a.) You want to connect report through process scheduler. How would you do that?
b.) You want to use web application server with PeopleTools 8.1x and PeopleTools 8.4. How would you do that?
Which HTTP Servers and Java Servlet Engine combinations are supported with PeopleTools 8.4?
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2 :: PeopleSoft tools interview questions part 2:

Does PeopleTools 8.4 support web server load balancing?
Does PeopleSoft support the web servers that BEA Weblogic and IBM Websphere can plug into? How?
Where do you write the PeopleCode?
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3 :: Tell me the use of temporary records and state record in application engine?

Temporary table:
To allow other users to access the same table that has been using by the AE program. These are mainly used in batch processing. These can store specific data to update without aff.
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4 :: Can you please explain the difference between temporary table and SQL view in peoplesoft?

Temporary Table:
Temporary tables are used for running PeopleSoft Application Engine batch processes. Temporary tables can store specific data to update without risking the main application table.
SQL View:
It is not a physical SQL table in the database, but rather fields from one or more SQL tables that are reorganized into a different sequence. This provides an alternate view of information that is stored in tables.
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5 :: Explain mandatory property of App.engine?

1: Main is the required section in Application Engine.
2: There can be multiple steps in single application engine, but atleast one step should be part of AE.
3: Similarly you can have multiple actions in AE but you should have minimum one action part of step.
4: Save as AE
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6 :: How to bring advanced search page before normal search page?

There is a setting available in Component properties to make either the Normal Search Page or the Advanced search page to appear first.
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7 :: Tell me the use of set control field in record field properties?

Set Control id is used when you want to share tables in Peopletool applications.
This key identifies the sets of information in the table that are shared by multiple companies or business units under your corporate umbrella. You then specify a set control field, which identifies which fields map between the original key and the TableSets. You can specify any field that logically identifies the TableSet. In this case, you might assign Company as the set control.
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9 :: Tell me what will be the output of an application engine to use component variables instead of state record?

Well, Component variables can be used to carry data from one section to another. The scope of component variable remains throughout the program . They can be used in place of state record provided you do not want a restart facility and dynamic section calls.
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10 :: Tell me the benefits of set control field in record field properties?

Benefits of set control field:
If we specify one field as a set control field then we will retrieve data based on this when we are using prompt table. Based on this field only we can have valid prompt list at the time of prompt button clicking.
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