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PeopleSoft HRMS frequently Asked Questions by expert members with experience in PeopleSoft HRMS. These interview questions and answers on PeopleSoft HRMS will help you strengthen your technical skills, prepare for the interviews and quickly revise the concepts. So get preparation for the PeopleSoft HRMS job interview

6 PeopleSoft HRMS Questions and Answers:

1 :: How to create field as mandatory?

using data buffer classes in people soft we have show required field que.using that we can conver it to mandatory
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2 :: How to retrieve the data from 3rd scroll, using traversing?

The above answer is for to retrieve the 3rd scroll recoed
level data only.

If u want the field level information use below syntax
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3 :: How to run the sqr in command prompt. What are the parameters that are used for running the sqr from command prompt?

Let's say your PeopleTools is installed in D:\PT848\

D:\pt848\SQR\infup_file_name.sqr -iD:\pt848\SQR\
-ZIFD:\pt848\SQR\pssqr.ini -S -DEBUGX -PRINTER:PD -EH_PDF
-fD:\pt848\output_file_name.pdf -oD:\pt848\log_file_name.log

-i => Input file Directory
-f => Output File Name
-o => Log file Name
-ZIF => SQR Initialization File Name
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4 :: What are the setup tables?

he data which is not going to change frequently such type
of data is stored in setup tables.

Exp: Company Address,Phone No,Company Locations,Company
Name,Business Units,Departments , Positions.
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5 :: What is the difference between Transaction table and setup tables?

Table Data which is going to change on daily is transaction
table , Table data (Organisation Address , Phone No ,
Locations) whcih is going to change as part of the
organisation approval is called setup tables
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6 :: Explain What is the most important Record in PS HRMS?

it depends on the version

8.3 HRMS :

8.9 HCM :
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