Project Management Professional (PMP) Interview Preparation Guide
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PMP (Project Management Professional) Interview Questions and Answers will guide us now that Project Management Professional (PMP) is a credential offered by the Project Management Institute (PMI). As of 31 July 2010 (2010 -07-31), there were 393,413 active PMP certified individuals worldwide. Over 4,300 individuals a month, since September 2006, have obtained a PMP certification. Get preparation for the Job of PMP with the help of this PMP Interview Questions with Answers guide

18 PMP Questions and Answers:

1 :: If a project Manager calls for a meeting with the project team to review the knowledge gained from previous projects, in what manner is the team involved?

► Identification of Scope
► Risk Identification
► Project status team meeting
► Scope Identification
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2 :: Through which channel, a perfect communication can take place between the project team member and the Project Manager?

► By written and oral communication
► Through daily status report
► Via formal chain of command
► By updating daily status reports
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3 :: If a Project Manager Places a purchase order for an equipment, which of the following will represent it?

► Investment on capital
► Cash-out flow
► Commitment
► Expenses
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4 :: What are the major processes involved in the management of project integration?

► Development of a Project plan, initiating a project, and control of overall change
► Development of a Project plan, execution of the project plan, and control of scope change
► Development of a Project plan, execution of the project plan, and control of overall change
► Development of a Project plan, control of overall change, and control of scope change
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5 :: Which one of the following is not essential in creating an effective stakeholder management?

► Timely status information
► Definition of clear requirements
► Frequent cost report
► Scope change control
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6 :: Which of the following is more efficient in handling complex projects involving cross-disciplinary efforts?

► A Traditional Manager
► An effective functional organization
► Leading Project Managers
► A strong functional organization
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7 :: Point out the tools that are used as effective means in procurement planning?

► Analysis for make or buy, selection of the type of contract and system for weighting
► Analysis for make or buy, expert judgment and selection of the type of contract
► selection of the type of contract, conferences by bidders and expert judgment
► Expert judgment, audits and conferences by bidders
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8 :: In which particular phase do the project sponsors have the greatest influence on the quality, scope, time and cost of the project?

► Execution phase
► Development phase
► Close-down phase
► Concept phase
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9 :: Which of the following project management tools cannot be use by a project management professional in comparing earned value performance data?

► Risk mitigation plans
► Risk mitigation plans
► Forecasting final costs and scheduling estimates
► Technical performance metrics
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10 :: The purpose of decomposition process is to construct:

► Work breakdown structure
► Critical Path Method Diagram
► Precedence network
► Variance analysis
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