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Oracle Apps Manufacturing frequently Asked Questions in various Oracle Apps Manufacturing job Interviews by interviewer. The set of Oracle Apps Manufacturing interview questions here ensures that you offer a perfect answer to the interview questions posed to you. Get preparation of Oracle Apps Manufacturing job interview

17 Oracle Apps Manufacturing Questions and Answers:

1 :: What is Reorder point and Reorder quantity? and what is its significance?

Reorder point: We have specific on hand balance in
warehouse when it is below than i specific quanity (say
safety stock) a requisition/mo proposal will generate
automatically. So the point at which this proposal will
generate known as reorder point.

Reorder point quanity: The minimum order quantity which is
defined in warehouse for generating reorder point proposals
called reorder point quantity quanity.

Its very important from the planner point of view because
as soon we will have less on hnad quanity it will trigger a
requirment in the system for that perticular item.
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2 :: What you know about AIM?

AIM methodology consists of 6 phases

Operation Analysis
Solution Design
Transition, And
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3 :: What are the Nine mandatory Flexi fields in Inventory set up?

There are only 7 Key-flex are mandatory in R12 Oracle EBS

1. Acount alias
2. System Item
3. Item Categories
4. Item Catalogs
5. Sales Order
6. Stock locator
7. Service item
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4 :: Explain API?

API - the shorter for Application program interface.

They are routines/procedures/functions created withing the oracle applications to allow external/internal access to the execution of oracle standard functions/procedures/etc.

Basically API exists to allow external programs to execute oracle functionality and enforce integrity of data/procedures.
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5 :: What are the Inventory Key flex fields?

Item Categries
Item catalog
System Items
Sale order issue
Stock locator
System items
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6 :: What is an Organization Assignment?

We define the item in the Item Master.So this particular
item will see for all organizations.

If we want restrict this item to a particular organization
that time we will use it.

In item master form go to tools and u could see there
organization assignment, then it displays all organizations.
So u choose whcih organization, check the checkbox and save
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7 :: What are the Required Setups need to be done in Inventory?

Flexfields, Calendars, Locations, Legal Entities, Operating
Units, Inventory Organizations: Acounting Info & Inventory
Info. Costing Period should be open, Transaction Interface
manager should be active
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8 :: What is accouting class and where is it defined iN WIP?

Accounting classes are assigned and used when jobs, work
orders,and repetive assemblies associated with production
lines are defined.

Generally standard discrete, asset non-standard discrete
and expense non-standard discrete.
We need to assign an accounting class all your discrete

Standard Discrete
Standard discrete accounting classes can be used to group
job costs. For example, if you
build subassemblies and finished goods, you can define your
accounting classes so that
you can separately value and report the costs associated
with subassembly and finished
goods production. Standard discrete accounting classes can
be automatically defaulted
when you create discrete jobs.

Non-Standard Discrete
Non-standard discrete accounting classes can be used to
group and report various types
of non-standard production costs, such as field service
repair or engineering projects.
For example to track recurring expenses - machine
maintenance or engineering projects
- with non-standard jobs, you can define and assign an
accounting class with a type of
expense non-standard to these jobs.

Repetitive Accounting Classes
Repetitive accounting classes are used to group production
costs and must be assigned
to each repetitive line/assembly association that is
created. Every schedule for that
assembly on that line uses these accounts. The accounts are
charged whenever you
transact against the line/assembly association. Repetitive
accounting classes can be
automatically defaulted when you associate repetitive
assemblies with production lines

Negigation is -Work in process-->setup-->Wip accounting
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9 :: What is work order less Transaction in WIP?

Work order less completion in WIP helps us to complete the
job manually without creating a job.


Suppose client wants to continue a job creation function in
other ERP like peoplesoft,SAP but they wants to track
inventory in Oracle apps at that we used to go for Work
order less completion.
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10 :: What is OSP cycle?

Osp cycle is only carrying out to incur the cost value in
wip summary report,osp is usually doing only for each
job,osp is generally mapping at wip operations level,once u
r operations comming for osp know, that time
automatically/manually we have to creat purchase req,and
press the outside processing button at the footer
level,then it is asking for u r desctete job number,and go
ahead to creat the pur req for that osp,then receive the
osp item directly to shop floor,and the a/c is
automatically in wip summary and in GL a/c.
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