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Oracle Apps HRMS frequently Asked Questions by expert members with experience in Oracle Apps HRMS. These interview questions and answers on Oracle Apps HRMS will help you strengthen your technical skills, prepare for the interviews and quickly revise the concepts. So get preparation for the Oracle Apps HRMS job interview

14 Oracle Apps HRMS Questions and Answers:

2 :: What are processing types of element?

Elements are nothing but the components of the salary.
Eg. Basic, HRA, TA, BONUS, Loans etc., There are 2 types of
1. Recurring: if an entry of this element applies in every
period until the entry is ended
2. Non Recurring: if an entry applies in one pay period
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3 :: What are termination roles of an element?

Termination Rules of an Element:
a).Actual Termination: For a nonrecurring element, select
Actual Termination if you want the entries to close down at
the end of the pay period in which the employee leaves.
b).Final Close: if you want the entries to stay open beyond
the employee's leaving date so that you can continue to pay
the employee.
c).The Last Standard Process date defaults to the last day
of the pay period in which the employee is terminated, but
you can set it to a later period when you terminate an
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4 :: What is costing?

Recording the costs of an assignment for accounting or
reporting purposes. Using Oracle Payroll, you can calculate
and transfer costing information to your generalledger and
into systems for project management or labor distribution.
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5 :: What are costing types?

Costing types are:
1.Fixed costed
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6 :: Can we name certain DFFs (description flexfiled) and their location?

Yes we can name certain DFF's and their location
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7 :: What are core flexfield?

Core flexfields are:
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8 :: What are 2 modes of date Track and what is date track?

Date Track modes are:

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9 :: What are six validation types?

Validtion types:

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10 :: What are list types?

List types are:

*List of Values
*Long list of Values
*Pop list
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