Oracle Apps CRM Interview Preparation Guide
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Oracle Apps CRM frequently Asked Questions in various Oracle Apps CRM job Interviews by interviewer. The set of Oracle Apps CRM interview questions here ensures that you offer a perfect answer to the interview questions posed to you. Get preparation of Oracle Apps CRM job interview

8 Oracle Apps CRM Questions and Answers:

1 :: How to send the SMS in oracle sales to sales representative in oracle sales?

Using Oracle workflow notification we can send the notification to the sales users(Sales Representatives).

2 :: Explain the flow of Field service from the users perspective?

Generally field service is used when customer support is
used apart from this u can use with other modules.....i will
explain taking customer support to field
service......example take a white goods company sold a
product to end user he got some problem with that he calls
the customer support and discloses his problem the agent
chks the problem by asking some questions pre defined and
its really needs fs then he escalates the problem to fs guy...

3 :: How is oracle istore and oracle inventory related?

Oracle inventory is tightly integrated with Oracle iStore.
ALl the products(items in inventory terms) are first
defined in inventory. Items not part of inventory are not
visible in iSTore. The attributes should be set
appropriately as per the requirement. The category sets
should be defined as per the iSTore requirement.

4 :: What is flow of service contract?

To create a Service Contract below are the various setup
has to defined

1. Create a Contract( Service agreement or Extended or
subscription) depends on the business requirement

2. Enter the service line item defined in inventory as
service coverage

3. Enter Line> Effectivity> item for which the service
contract is required

4. Enter the pricelist,Sales credit etc

5. Check for QA

6. Submit for approval

7 Check the status of the contract is "Active"

5 :: How to design territory manager?

Territory manager is stand alone moudle.
Go through Territory manager PDF

6 :: If the value set is of type table then how many tables can we attach in the value set?

If the Value set is of table type then we can attach as
many tables required by joining them to form the inline

7 :: Which is a better career move, Oracle Apps or Siebel?

Learn basics of Oracle CRM like TCA architecture,Resource Management etc because the future product from Oracle i.e. Fusion Apps(Customer Data Model)is based on Oracle CRM(EBS - R12) and rest of functionality is based on Siebel

8 :: How many Componenets are there in Service Contract?

A contract lifecycle includes

Entitlement / Fulfillment
Managing Contracts