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Online Media Operator related Frequently Asked Questions in various Online Media Operator job interviews by interviewer. The set of questions here ensures that you offer a perfect answer posed to you. So get preparation for your new job hunting

43 Online Media Operator Questions and Answers:

1 :: Suppose our company has 5 million keywords. How will you manage an account this size?

An open-ended competency question. Automation of mundane tasks and increasing productivity is a major focus at my company. All of our search marketers are dedicated to sourcing and trialling new tools and finding ways to be more time-efficient.

Usually the interview candidate will refer to bid management tools, but what I'm looking for here is their PPC toolset experience (keyword tools, web analytics tools, inventory management tools, etc.) as well as their opinion. We like opinionated, articulate people. Tell me why 5 million keywords are stupid. Or how you'd manage them on a tiered basis of top performers, has-potential, and dead wood.
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2 :: Why should we hire you as Online Media Operator?

Because of your knowledge, experience, abilities, and skills.
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3 :: Tell me are you a leader?

Absolutely! Cite specific examples using your current job as a reference point.
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4 :: Tell me do you generally speak to people before they speak to you?

It depends on the circumstances.
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5 :: Do you know what is Google Ad API?

Google Ad API is designed for representing large, tech savvy advertisers and third parties. It allows developers build an application that directly interacts with Google Adwords server.
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6 :: Tell me what is conversion optimizer in Adwords?

Conversion Optimizer is a tool used by Google Adwords for bid manipulation and decides which clicks on the ad will be valuable. It can help you to return maximum on your investment.
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7 :: Tell me what is Ad rank?

Ad rank determines your ad position on Google page, and it is determined by your bid for that keyword and quality score.
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8 :: Tell me what is Google's Quality Score and what role does it play in ranking?

This used to be a technical question I'd use in the first face-to-face interview but I was stunned to find that some candidates either
a) Did not know what QS was or
b) Thought I was talking about PageRank!

While I do not expect Google's textbook answer, I am hoping the candidate understands the basic concept behind QS (clickthrough rate + other factors) and that QS is part of the Ad Rank formula where:

Ad Rank = CPC bid X Quality Score.

I now use this question to open the technical section of a phone interview. A primary function in their role as PPC analyst will be to educate non-search people. Their ability to explain Quality Score and Ad Rank to me in plain English is something I pay very close attention to.
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9 :: Explain me what about the job offered do you find the most attractive? Least attractive?

List three or more attractive factors and only one minor unattractive factor.
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10 :: Tell me what career options do you have at the moment?

"I see three areas of interest..." Relate those to the position and industry.
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