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Non Technical frequently Asked Questions in various Non Technical job Interviews by interviewer. Get preparation of Non Technical job interview

16 Non Technical Questions and Answers:

1 :: I want to paint a keyboard and per fit cost is Rs.1, when keyboard height is 10 fit, width is 5 fit and deep is 4 fit then who many Rs. Will be spent to paint a keyboard?

if i want paint the keyboard at rs. 1 per fit then the i,
will be at rs. 50.00 spent to paint the keyboard
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2 :: Is English language compulsory while answering interview questions posed by interviewer in the SBI interview?

You can choose either English or Hindi which is to be
mentioned in the call letter..
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3 :: Impact of us recession in India in regard to different sectors?

the recession which started from u.s had prpogated the
entire world and now the entire world is facing the problem
of global crisis. if india is to be considered we find that
india is not that much affected as other european
countries. to my view the most probable reason for this is
that india being an agricultural economy. but india will
face the heat of this economic recession very soon mainly
beacause a large share of gdp comes from service sector
which contributes 52% of the total gdp. the recession will
affect the countries outsourcing industry whereby it
provides it services to western countries. many reputed
companies have started layoffs for eg. wipro laid off about
1000 employees and is planning to lay off another 2000 who
are put under scanner. take the case of satyam compiters
who have given pink slips to about 4500 employees which
constitutes about 9% of its total strenth of 51000
employees. this reputed firms say that the layoffs are
performance based and those who cannot perform will perish.
but the matter of fact being that these people are paying
the price for economic recession
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4 :: Why should i prefer risk management instead of life and general insurance?

Insurance is itself a tool of Risk Management. Those risks
to Man or Material which cannot be avoided or reduced to
minimum desired level, are Insured against. So that the
loss caused due to the Risk, is properly borne out of the
Insured Money.
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5 :: what is iso 9001?

iso stands for international standards for organizaion. it
consists a chain of standards right from producing a
product/services to its point of consumptions,/users
including best of the all aspects related to envirionment
and servicing of its users or point of consumptions.
iso-9000, 9001,9002,14000 are the various standards come
under iso.
iso 9001 standard consist of producing a product/service
with adopting and providing continuous
improvement/innovative and services process to its point of
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6 :: How would you answer wen interviewer asked u about signing 3 yrs of bond with company and you are not interested in signing bond?

Firstly, i wud say thank u.And when it comes to the
proposal of signing a bond, i will not refuse.. Bcos, I
believe 3 years in a concern will make me matured & also
stablised to analyse the any situation.
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7 :: What is the difference between accident and incident?

Any happening is incidance. If such incidance becomes
history than it will be accident.
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Though i am strong in the technical aspects,Managing those
technical things with the right resource is very
essential.. To view a thing or product in the other
angle ,i.e in the managerial aspects apart from technical
aspects.. We need MBA.
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9 :: Do you think you are u fit for this job?

Yes, i am..not because that i knew the job.. it is because
i knew about myself.. i am much confident that i will
exactly fit to this job.
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10 :: What is the difference between Nationalised bank & Non Nationalised bank? For ex: Corporation bank, Indian overseas bank are nationalised banks & Repco, Karur Vysya banks are non Nationalised banks. Whats the difference between them?

the banks ownership was private and subsequently govt. took
the onership is called nationalised banks but other banks
is called non nationalsed banks.
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