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MySQL Errors frequently Asked Questions by expert members with experience in MySQL Errors. These interview questions and answers on MySQL Errors will help you strengthen your technical skills, prepare for the interviews and quickly revise the concepts. So get preparation for the MySQL Errors job interview

4 MySQL Errors Questions and Answers:

1 :: Trying to transfer data from Prod region to Test region. So,exporting data from Prod table(e.g xyz in prod) into a temporary table(e.g abc) and then inserting into Test table(e.g xyz in prod),but not able to insert data from one db2 table to another,the error coming out is foreign key vaue is not valid?

insert into abc.tablename(select * from xyz)here xyz is
database1 abc is tempory database but here u select database
is xyz then only this query is excuted if u any doubt mail
me yhis is my mail id
any query u wnt just send a msg ok bye tc
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2 :: Tell me what will be the program output if it tries to access 11th item in an array of 10 and it is coded with NOSSRANGE?

in c and c++ there will be a compilation error.if when we declared an array size of 10 and tries to access 11th item.
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3 :: Explain How to select particular number using rownum?

select max(sal) from emp where rownum=2 group by sal
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4 :: Explain What is sqlcode -922 & -923?

Reason why SQLcode -922 generated:

Authorization failed because of the error indicated by error-type

It can be any of the following..

* User authorization.
* Plan access
* connect
* Installation error
* Duplicate exit requested.

Reason code: DB2® reason code associated with authorization failure

Reason why SQLcode -923 generated:

The connection to DB2® failed for the reason indicated by condition, which can be any of the following:
* DB2 not up
* DB2 not operational
* DB2 shutdown in progress
* DB2 restricted access mode
* Allocation error
* DB2 - CICS® attachment not up
* DB2 - CICS ENTRY disabled
* The object is dependent on facilities of a release of DB2 that is newer than the release that you are currently running (fall back).
* DB2 restarted in light mode
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