MQSeries Interview Preparation Guide
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MQSeries job interview preparation guide. Number of MQSeries frequently asked questions(FAQs) asked in many MQSeries interviews

42 MQSeries Questions and Answers:

1 :: What is a message in MQSeries?

A message is a string of bytes that has meaning to the
applications that use it
Message = Header(s) + Application Data
A message consists of a header and the attached application
Headers like:
Unique Message Id, Routing information, Message format

The data part of a message:
A record from an indexed or flat file
A row from a DB2 table
Individual columns from DB2 tables
Multiple rows or records
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2 :: What are different queues used?

1.Local queue -is a real queue
2.Cluster queue -is a local queue that is known throughout
a cluster of queue managers
3.Remote queue -structure describing a queue
4.Transmission queue(xmit quueue) -local queue with special
5.Initiation queue -local queue with special purpose
6.Dynamic queue -local queue created "on the fly"
7.Alias queue -if you dont like the name
8.Dead-letter queue -one for each queue manager
9.Reply-to-queue -specified in request message
10.Model queue -model for local queues
11.Repository queue -holds cluster information
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3 :: What are the difference between internet explorer and Netscape Navigator on different versions?

When you are using Internet Explorer (IE) attached
documents created in Microsoft Office (Word, Excel,
PowerPoint) will open up in the content frame. Attached
Office documents in Netscape will ask you if you want to
"download the document to your hard drive" or "open it in
its current location." The former will not open the document
but save it to your computer. The latter will launch the
program in which the document was created.

With IE, pressing the Enter key will activate such buttons
as "Submit" and "Log-in". In Netscape you must actually
click on these buttons.

Note: Netscape does not always work properly. Sometimes
items an instructor adds will not appear where they should,
links may not function properly, etc. This is why it is
strongly encouraged that everyone use Internet Explorer 5.5
or above for all functions of Blackboard. In any case DO NOT
use the AOL browser. Certain functions such as assessments
do not work properly.
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4 :: How to connect to MWSeries from power builder 8.0?

Using CICS Transaction Gateway we can connect MQ Serires
with Power Builder 8.0
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5 :: Is it possible to retrieve a message from a Dead letter Queue? If possible how?

Yes, we can handle the message in deadletterq?
how means.
ans> we have two commands to retrieve messages from DLQ.
Action(fwd) fwdq fwdqm.
then that DLQ message forward to this particular q.
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6 :: What is MQSeries Channel?

Channel means logical communication link. There are two
types of channels
1) message channel,
2) MQI channel

1) Mesage channel use for communication between QMgr to

2) MQI channel use for for communication between QMgr to
MQ client
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7 :: How to create DLQ rules table?

DLQ - Dead Letter Queue

If an application tries to put a message to another
application and if it is not delivered then it goes to the
DLQ. So DLQ is nothing but all undelivered messages stored
in DLQ.

Alterenate Defination:
The dead-letter queue is a local queue where messages are
put if they cannot be routed to their intended destination

You need to create a DLQ at the time of creating a Queue

crtmqm -q -d MY.DEFAULT.XMIT.QUEUE -u

where -u is dead letter queue
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8 :: What is MQSeries Cluster?

Cluster is said to be group of queue manager's logically
connected together to balance the load on the remote machine
(i.e if it is remote queue managers which processes your
message). And there are two types of grouping on the queue
1) Full repository
2) Partial repository.

The full repository queue manager knows all other queue
managers in the cluster and whenever a message comes to it,
and if that is unable to process the message, it will find
a queue in other queue manager in the cluster and ask it to
process the message.
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9 :: What is a Queue in MQSeries?

Queue is a data structure which is store the messages.and
every queue has own queue manager.queue manager are
maintaining the all queues.different types of queues are
available in web sphere mq in different purpose.but
generally 4 types of queues r there
1)local queue
2)remote queue
3)alias queue
4)model queue
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10 :: What is the future in MQ if we have 2+exp?

it speeds implementation of distributed applications.
it runs on different platforms
it time independent.
no loss for msg delivery ie gaurenty delivery.
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