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Legal Counsel Frequently Asked Questions in various Legal Counsel job interviews by interviewer. The set of questions are here to ensures that you offer a perfect answer posed to you. So get preparation for your new job interview

51 Legal Counsel Questions and Answers:

1 :: Tell me how have you helped to control costs or reduce outside spending in the law department?

As companies increasingly focus on efficiency, they place more emphasis on in-house legal counsel, unbundling services, using smaller firms more often and keeping a close eye on alternative fee arrangements, according to a 2013 CEB trend report.

Your next General Counsel hire should offer strong recommendations in this area based on practical experience. The right candidate is well aware of ways to reduce spending and may even use benchmarking practices to compare spending at the company to legal spending elsewhere.
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2 :: Tell me what will be the reporting structure for this role?

The answer to this question could indicate the level of responsibility of the role, depending on who you would be reporting to, i.e. the GC, VP or CEO. If you are interviewing for a senior level position, it is critical for you to understand the line of reporting. Once you know who you would be reporting to, it could be a good idea to request meeting with that person, if possible.
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3 :: Tell us what is your time frame for making a decision on this role and what are next steps?

This is the perfect question to wrap up your interview, as it solidifies your interest and shows that you want to be prepared going forward. Typically, companies have a standard interview/hiring process, so if they give you details about their next steps, it will probably be a good indicator to you whether they actually plan to move forward with you or not.
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4 :: Why should we hire you as Legal Counsel?

I am a business partner, who couples risk management with business promotion. People enjoy working with me as a result of my open and confident style.
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5 :: Please tell me what three words would you use to describe yourself?

Strategic, confident, collaborative.
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6 :: Please tell me a difficult project and how you overcame it?

Shipbuiding agreement. Try to negotiate and modify the terms to protect the company as much as I can.
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7 :: Explain me the most complicated project or complex task you have encountered. How did you tackle it?

When asked a more “open” question of this sort, make sure that where possible you choose
(a) one of the most relevant examples, and
(b) one of the more recent examples.
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8 :: Tell me why have you chosen [name of firm], and what do you know about us? What are you looking for in a firm? Which other firms have you applied to?

Employers tend to prefer candidates that have a more focused approach to their job search. If you have applied to legal firms that seem quite different, it may be worth considering what they have in common.
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9 :: Tell me what types of matters require you to seek outside counsel?

Although the workload has increased, legal department budgets have largely remained stagnant. Some are even shrinking. Your next General Counsel needs to make the most of your in-house resources and set appropriate priorities for delegating responsibility to outside counsel when it’s most cost-effective.

The ideal candidate follows an established framework for determining when to hire outside counsel. This may include matters that require highly specialized regulatory expertise or a substantial risk. The candidate should be mindful of the department budget, understand how to source appropriately and use technology such as electronic billing wherever possible to reduce legal spending.
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10 :: Explain me how is the legal department structured within the company?

This question will give you a good idea about the size of the legal department, as well as the individuals you will be working most closely with. Your interviewer may also give you information regarding support staff and whether you will be dealing with outside counsel. This could be especially relevant if the company is global, so you will know exactly who you might be dealing with under various circumstances. You will also be able to determine whether your prior experience is a true fit for the role.
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