Internet Information Services (IIS) Interview Preparation Guide
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IIS (Internet Information Services) Interview Questions and Answers will guide us now that Internet Information Services (IIS) is a web server application and set of feature extension modules created by Microsoft for use with Microsoft Windows. It is the worlds second most popular web server in terms of overall websites behind the industry leader Apache HTTP Server. Learn IIS or get preparation for a job in IIS with the help of this Internet Information Services (IIS) Interview Questions Answers

80 IIS Questions and Answers:

1 :: How to install our Web Application In IIS Web Server?

There are different way to deploy the web application in
web server like
1- X Copy deployment
2- create setup package and install the server machine
3- use the deployment tools and configure the server
repositery and drag and drop all files in your machine to
virtul folder of server machine,

2 :: Can we run multiple websites with same port number and different IP address?

Yes, We can use multiple websites with same port number and
different IP address.

3 :: Whats the Hardware requirements for the IIS Server so that we can host a webpage?

It depends upon the what kind of Application we are
using and related to frontend and backend features .Also
Number of hits to the server on live is one of the
Important key for the configuration .

Minimal configuration for a PHP webpage is

1.Any mid range server with (IBM system X , blade)
2.4 GB ram
3.160 GB HDD (May vary according to the Data )if seperate
DB server is used we dont want this much of space for the
Application server

Please be more specific on the Application we are going to
host , so that we can plan a good configuration .

5 :: In IIS Version 6.0 Through application pool we can provide different -2 applications for the client.
Is it right?
If yes then how to provide the application to the client and what kind of application it can be?

If you are running your IIS server with 2 different versions of framework(1.1 & 2.0)you can create 2 different application pools and point your application to the required framework you want to run.

6 :: What is App Pool and App Domain? What is the difference between the two in IIS?

► Application pool is created the each and every website.
► Application domain is created to one domain purpose.

7 :: what is the difference between IIS 5.1 and IIS 6 administration?

IIS 5.1 is for Windows XP
IIS 6 is for Windows Server, We can create separate application pool with worker process for a separete website in IIS 6.0 Server only.

8 :: What is the proporties of application Pool in IIS?

The proporties of application Pool in IIS is:

1 Recycling
2 Performance
3 Health
4 Identity

9 :: What is presentation layer responsible for in the OSI model?

The presentation layer establishes the data format prior to passing it along to the network application’s interface. TCP/IP networks perform this task at the application layer.

10 :: Does Windows Server 2003 support IPv6?

Yes, run ipv6.exe from command line to disable it.