Intel 8086 (iAPX86) Interview Preparation Guide
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Intel 8086 Interview Questions and Answers will guide us that 8086 or iAPX86 is a 16-bit microprocessor chip designed by Intel, which gave rise to the x86 architecture; development work on the 8086 design started in the spring of 1976 and the chip was introduced to the market in the summer of 1978. So learn more about the Intel 8086 (iAPX86) and get gob preparation with the help of this Intel 8086 Interview Questions with Answers guide

28 8086 Questions and Answers:

1 :: Which technology is used in Bluetooth for avoiding interference?

Frequency hopping is the technology used in Bluetooth.
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2 :: Which microprocessor accepts the program written for 8086 without any changes?

8088 is that processor.

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3 :: What does EU do?

Basically,8086 is divided into two part. 1.BIU. 2.EU Execution Unit(EU)Fetch the intruction from Queue(memory(6 byte) in BIU.) and execute it.
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5 :: Which Segment is used to store interrupt and subroutine return address registers?

Stack Segment in segment register is used to store interrupt and subroutine return address registers
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6 :: What is meant by cross-compiler?

A program runs on one machine and executes on another is called as cross-compiler

Programs which compile on One Machine and Execute on Another machine is called cross compiler
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7 :: Give examples for Micro controller?

Z80, Intel MSC51 &96, Motorola are the best examples of Microcontroller.

The answer is:If we make the program in one operating system(os-xp) & if we want to execute/runs on another operating sysrem(os-linux),than we can do it by cross-compiler.
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8 :: Logic calculations are done in which type of registers?

Accumulator is the register in which Arithmetic and Logic calculations are done.
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9 :: What is the position of the Stack Pointer after the POP instruction?

The address line is 02 greater than the earlier value.
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10 :: What is the position of the Stack Pointer after the PUSH instruction?

The address line is 02 less than the earlier value.

Decrement by 2.
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