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Expert Image Processing Frequently Asked Questions in various Image Processing Expert job Interviews by interviewer. The set of questions here ensures that you offer a perfect answer posed to you. So get preparation for your new job hunting

57 Image Processing Expert Questions and Answers:

1 :: What do you meant by Zooming of digital images?

Zooming may be viewed as over sampling. It involves the creation of new pixel
locations and the assignment of gray levels to those new locations.
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2 :: Explain the types of connectivity?

1. 4 connectivity
2. 8 connectivity
3. M connectivity (mixed connectivity)
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3 :: What is the need for transform?

The need for transform is most of the signals or images are time domain signal (ie) signals can be measured with a function of time. This representation is not always best. For most image processing applications anyone of the mathematical transformation are applied to the signal or images to obtain further information from that signal.
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4 :: List the hardware oriented color models?

1. RGB model
2. CMY model
3. YIQ model
4. HSI model
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5 :: A continuous image is digitised at _______ points.
a) random
b) vertex
c) contour
d) sampling

d) sampling
Explanation: The sampling points are ordered in the plane and their relation is called a Grid.
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6 :: Images quantised with insufficient brightness levels will lead to the occurrence of ____________
a) Pixillation
b) Blurring
c) False Contours
d) None of the Mentioned

c) False Contours
This effect arises when the number brightness levels is lower that which the human eye can distinguish.
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7 :: Define subjective brightness and brightness adaptation?

Subjective brightness means intensity as preserved by the human visual system.
Brightness adaptation means the human visual system can operate only from scotopic to glare limit. It cannot operate over the range simultaneously. It accomplishes this large variation by changes in its overall intensity.
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8 :: Write the expression to find the number of bits to store a digital image?

The number of bits required to store a digital image is
b=M X N X k
When M=N, this equation becomes
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9 :: List the applications of color models?

1. RGB model- used for color monitors & color video camera
2. CMY model-used for color printing
3. HIS model--used for color image processing
4. YIQ model-used for color picture transmission
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10 :: Write a procedure to implement highlight as a blinking operation?

The function textattr in conio.h can be use for this purpose a small program has presented here...

int main()
cprintf("My name is John Smith...");
return 0;

here in the textattr till 128 only colors would be set and more than it colors with blink.
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