ISTQB Certification Interview Preparation Guide
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ISTQB Certification frequently Asked Questions in various ISTQB Certification job Interviews by interviewer. Get preparation of ISTQB Certification job interview

4 ISTQB Certification Questions and Answers:

1 :: I want to go for the ISTQB testing?

Qspider in old airport road, bangalore
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2 :: What is difference between iseb and istqb and which one would be better to take?

ISTQB training and exam conducted @ GSL Technologies
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3 :: which s the best testing certification?

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4 :: I like to do ISTQB and some basic certifications in testing which adds value to my career?

You can go for ISTQB foundation level certification. If you
know QTP and QC, you can also pursue HP certification for
QTP and QC. This will help to add some value to your CV.
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