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9 IIT JEE Exam Questions and Answers:

1 :: Please give me the latest syllabus of sbi clerk exam?

English/Maths/General Awareness/Marketing/Mental
Ability/Computer Knowledge

2 :: int x=10,y=6 so guess output of x++/y?


3 :: What is object oriented programming?

Object Oriented Programing is a programming based on the concept objects and using them appropriately.

5 :: Find Square root(2+Sqrt(2+Sqrt(2...

answer is correct upto x^2-x-2=0
then (x-2)(x+1)=0
then x=2 or x=-1
only admissible value is x=2

6 :: 3_3_3_3_3=31????


8 :: What is the syllabus for KPTCL exam?

You can download
all latest syllabus for KPTCL exam online at the below
mentioned URL