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IBM Tivoli frequently Asked Questions by expert members with experience in IBM Tivoli. These questions and answers will help you strengthen your technical skills, prepare for the new job test and quickly revise the concepts

46 IBM Tivoli Questions and Answers:

1 :: Tell me what are various Connector modes in TDI?

• Iterator.
• Lookup Connector.
• Addonly
• Update.
• Delete
• Delta
• Server
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2 :: State the Discovery Client Requirements to install TADDM?

• Hardware(minimum)
1. 1 x 1.0 Ghz processor.
2. 512 MB RAM.
3. 1024 x 768 resolution display.
• Hardware(minimum)
1. 1 x 2.0 Ghz processor.
2. 2 GB RAM.
3. 1280 x 1024 or higher resolution display.

• Software
1. JRE 1.5 with JAVA web start
2. IE 7.
• OS
1. OS X, Windows XP professional.
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3 :: Write the command to split the ITM agents?

tacmd exportBundles -o SPD -t ux -e <full path of directory where to store the splitted image > -i <Full path to the directory where agent file after extracting>/unix
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4 :: Write the command to export situation in ITM?

tacmd viewSit -s N_IGIS_Missing_MQService -e N_IGIS_Missing_MQService
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5 :: Tell me how to create node in ITM and check its status?

1. Run the create node command as mentioned below-
./tacmd createnode -h -u itmuser -w Edcv\$0987 -p SERVER= PROTOCOL=IP.PIPE PROTOCOL1=IP.SPIPE
2. Check the results as mentioned below-
bash-2.04$ ./tacmd getDeployStatus -g 1311890165524480000023807
Transaction ID : 1311890165524480000023807
Command : INSTALL
Status : SUCCESS
Retries : 0
Target Hostname:
Platform : WINNT
Product : NT
Version : 062204000
Error Message : KDY2065I: The node creation operation was a success.
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6 :: Explain how to disable port 3661 on windows server in ITM?

Please perform the below mentioned steps to disable port 3661 towards security vulnerability on windows servers –
1. Log into the windows server as itmuser
2. Go to Startà Programsà IBM Tivoli Monitoringà Manage Tivoli Monitoring Services, to open ITM Agent Mangement console
3. Verify which all agents are installed as presented in the below screen ie Universal Agent /Monitoring Agent for Windows OS
Note: In all the servers Monitoring Agent for Windows OS is present,universal agent is present in some severs only.

4. Go to the directory C:\IBM\ITM\TMAITM6
5. Locate the following two files in this directory-
i)KNTENV à For Windows OS Agent
ii) KUMENVà For Universal Agent ( This file will be present only if universal agent is installed on this server)
6. Open these files in wordpad and enter the below mentioned line at the end of file.
7. Open Registry Editor and expand HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINEàSOFTWAREàCnadleàKNTàVer610àPrimaryàEnvironment
8. On the Right Hand Side window, Right click on KDC_FAMILIES and click on modify.
9. On the value data filed enter the following value.
Restart the agents running on the sever.
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7 :: What are the benefits of TADDM?

The benefits of TADDM are as follows:
• TADDM provides the information about the current running application on the network.
• TADDM helps in understanding the computing environment of your organization.
• By TADDM we get to know which applications and services are deployed on the network.
• TADDM can also discover the relationships between applications and services.
• By the help of TADDM we can determine the network related problems.
• By TADDM we can determine the compliance related problem.
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8 :: Give the brief overview of CMDB?

• It is a data store or logical collection of data that contains all the information about IT assets.
• It maintains the relationship between these assets, CIs and their changes.
• It can become the reliable and accurate source of information if managed properly.
• The major difference between the CMDB and any other data repository is of making the relationship between the Configuration Items.
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9 :: Give the overview of TADDM Components?

• Discovery Manager: The server running the TADDM discovery processes.
• Administrative Console: It provides the server status, runtime and license information.
• Discovery Client: A java based GUI on which we can configure and run discovery processes.
• Domain Manager: A portal in the administrative console with which you can view all your configuration items and manage users.
• Anchor Servers: These are required to run the discovery in firewall zones.
• Windows Gateway Server: These are required to discover the windows systems.
• Database(CMDB): The repository to store the information collected after discovery.
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10 :: State the hardware requirements to install TADDM?

• Discovery Server
1. 2 to 4 CPUs with minimum processor speed of 2Ghz per processor.
2. 4 to 8 GB of memory
3. 100 GB disk space

• Anchor Server
1. 2 CPUs with minimum processor speed of 1 GHz.
2. 2 GB Memory.
3. 5 GB disk space.

• Windows Gateway
1. 2 CPUs with minimum processor speed of 1Ghz per processor.
2. 2 GB Memory.
3. 2 GB disk space
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