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4 IBM Sysplex Questions and Answers:

1 :: What is the best way to code to provide me
the info that there are disks in the array failing or failed? How to code? Run in batch?

der are 2 ways to get d info.
1. s.m.f
2. r.m.f
the best way's using r.m.f
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2 :: What is SYSPLEX?

Sysplex is multiple systems connected using sysplex time.

Base sysplex is nothing but more than one system connecting
by sysplex timer and all the dasd are shared in between
those systems. To share the work load we use these type of
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parallel sysplex is ( base sysplex + coupling facility)
coupling facility = sharing of central memory between two
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4 :: What is MONOSYSPLEX?

monoplex is only one system we are using for work.
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