HR Motivation Interview Preparation Guide
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HR Motivation job preparation guide for freshers and experienced candidates. Number of HR Motivation frequently asked questions(FAQs) asked in many interviews

12 HR Motivation Questions and Answers:

1 :: Do you know Employee Motivation

Motivation can be defined as the enthusiasm of an employee which causes him to take actions at work.
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2 :: Tell me which non-monetary factors do you think help in building up the motivation level of employees?

Following are some of the effective ways to motivate employees:

i.) Respectful treatment
ii.) Recognising the individual and performance
iii.) Training
iv.) Regular performance and behavioural feedback
v.) Clear communication from the management
vi.) Involvement in activities that desire responsibility
vii.) Challenges
viii.) Clearly defined goals and plan of action
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3 :: Explain what kind of work culture do you think increases the motivation level of an employee?

Following are some of the characteristics of the culture that increases motivation level of an employee:

i.) Suggestions and feedback from the employees are heard
ii.) Employees are well informed about the things affecting them
iii.) Communication among the team members and with the superiors is open in nature
iv.) Employees are trusted and treated with respect
v.) Employees work and deliver as a team
vi.) Employees see a path to grow and are regular trained for development
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4 :: Can you please explain Taylors theory of motivation?

Frederick Taylor put forward a theory about worker’s motivation. Its main features are:

i.) Workers do not enjoy work.
ii.) They need constant supervision
iii.) They are motivated mainly by the “salary”
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5 :: Do you know what are the main points of Mayos theory of motivation?

Mayo’s theory believes that money is not the only motivation for workers. They are highly motivated by factors like:

i.) Communication between them and managers
ii.) More involvement of manager in their work life
iii.) Working in teams
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6 :: Do you know how is Mayos theory different from Taylors theory of motivation?

i.) Taylor’s theory focuses on the negative aspect of a worker’s behaviour while Mayo’s theory focuses on positive aspects.
ii.) Taylor’s theory treats money as the biggest motivation while Mayo’s theory lays more emphasis on non-monetary factors.
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7 :: What is Maslows theory of hierarchy of needs. Do you think it applies in real life?

- Maslow’s theory of hierarchy of needs believes that each individual has some needs arranged in hierarchical order. Only when a lower need is satisfied, does the higher need come into picture.
- Thus the incentives offered to the workers at each level have to be different.

These needs are classified as grouped as below:

Level 1 – Basic needs – Food, clothes, shelter
Level 2 – Safety needs – Security and protection
Level 3 – Social needs
Level 4 – Esteem needs
Level 5 – Self actualization
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8 :: What is Herzbergs theory of motivation?

Herzberg came out with two-factor theory of motivation which believed that there are certain factors which enthuse motivation in workers while others de- motivate them. The factors demotivating the workers are called the hygiene factors.

Motivators are the factors that give satisfaction. For e.g.
- Recognition
- Challenges
- Responsibility

The other set of factors are hygiene factors – their presence doesn’t motivate the employees but their absence surely de-motivates them. For e.g. –
- Work conditions
- Salary
- Job security etc.
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9 :: Tell me who proposed theory X and Y of motivation? What were the major differences between X and Y observations?

Theory X and Y of motivation was proposed by Douglas McGregor. The major difference between these theories are:

- Theory X takes a negative view of the employees while the Theory Y takes a positive view.
- Theory X believes that employees are lazy and do not like work while Theory Y believes that employees enjoy work.
- Theory X believes that money is the only motivation for work while Theory Y believes that the satisfaction that employees achieve after doing a work well is a bigger motivation.
- Theory X believes in doing the business in an authoritarian way while Theory Y tries to remove the barriers employees find in the way of their work.
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10 :: HR Motivations Job Interview Questions Part 1:

Explain Employee Motivation.
List out effective ways to motivate employees.
Which factors do you think develop or destroy motivation of an employee?
What kind of work culture do you think increases the motivation level of an employee?
Which non-monetary benefits do you think help in building up the motivation level of employees?
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