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24 Government UPSC History Questions and Answers:

1 :: When did Emperor Akbar remove Jaziya Tax for Hindus?

when he implemented muslim laws
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2 :: What was role of Lord Canning in the revolution of 1857?

three is major work:-

(a)1856 established of Remarried act.
(b)1861 passed Indian council act and established university in kolkata , Mumbai and Chennai(madras)
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3 :: Name the first coin of India?

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4 :: First human statue worshiped in India?

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5 :: Who is the chief of upsc?

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6 :: At the time Kalinga war (321B.C.,) Name the king of Kalinga kingdom or Who is the opponent king of The great Asoka?

There was no ruler when ashok the great attacked on the
Kaling. king was died earlier so state ruled by group of
ministers with support of prominent local people of kaling.
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7 :: Who is malharrao holkar?

Malhar Rao Holkar (16 March 1693 - 20 May 1766) was a noble
of the Maratha Empire, in present day India. Malhar Rao is
particularly known for being the first Maratha Subhedar of
Malwa in Central India.
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8 :: Who is ahilyabai holkar?

Queen of the Malwa kingdom, India. She is often compared
with Catherine II of Russia, Elizabeth I of England,
Margaret I of Denmark.
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9 :: Who was the first person to hang till death during Freedom
1.Bhagat Singh
2.Ram Pd. Bismil
3.Khudi Ram Bose
4.Asfak Ullah Khan.

1. Bhagat Singh
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10 :: Name the worlds highest railway?

Qinghai- tibet, Siberia, Siliguri-Darjeeling, tetley
mountain in switzerland
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