Good and Bad Interview Preparation Guide
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Good and Bad Frequently Asked Questions by expert members with experience in Good and Bad interviews. These questions and answers will help you strengthen your technical skills, prepare for the new job test and quickly revise the concepts

27 Good and Bad Questions and Answers:

1 :: Tell me about yourself?

These answers did not inspire the interviewer to recommend hiring these job seekers:
☛ There's not much to tell. (Professional spy?)
☛ My real job is rock musician. I am the drummer. But our agent quit, so we do not have any gigs scheduled the rest of the year. We are looking for a new agent, and I hope to get back to that soon. That is what I really do.

2 :: What is your greatest weakness?

These answers are losers:
☛ I do not have any. (Amazing and unbelievable!)
☛ I have so many, it is hard to pick just one.
☛ I am not a good speller. (secretarial job)
☛ I hate dealing with difficult people. (customer service job)
☛ I am bad with math. (analyst job)
☛ I am not very good with the newer versions of Microsoft Office. I like Office 97 best.

3 :: Why do you think you should be hired?

Most of these answers are worrisome:
☛ I do not know. (Neither will the employer.)
☛ No one else will hire me.
☛ I am unemployed.
☛ I am desperate.
☛ I need the money.
☛ I need a job.

4 :: Why do you want to work with us?

These answers are shallow and completely focused on the benefit to the job seeker:
☛ My mom said I had to get a job. (Highly-motivated job seeker!)
☛ Because I would look GREAT in your uniform!
☛ This is a short walk from where I live now.
☛ I understand you give employees great discounts.

5 :: What do you know about our organization?

Do not give these answers:
☛ Nothing. (So, you applied why???)
☛ You have got this job open.
☛ I hear you pay well.

6 :: Do you plan to have children?

Best Answer:
I plan to pursue a career whether or not I decide to raise a family.

7 :: What is your general state of health?

Best Answer:
I will be glad to take a pre-employment exam by your company physician to be sure I am able to handle the job. (The employer may be trying to uncover maladies ranging from AIDS to drug addiction. Your answer relieves those concerns without directly replying to the question.)

8 :: Are you aware that we have usually hired a more athletic person for this job because the pressure and fatigue of a lot of travel?

Best Answer:
There is no task in your job description that I can not perform.
This is an illegal question and I will not answer.

9 :: Is your spouse employed?

Best Answer:
Yes, and very supportive of my seeking employment here. (Some employers believe that people from dual-income families have less incentive to work, are less dependable, and, therefore, are less productive. You've skirted the illegal question, laid to rest the concern and avoided and unpleasant confrontation.)

10 :: When was your last physical exam?

Best Answer:
Two years ago. (This is an area in which you decide ahead of time whether to give a direct response to an inappropriate question, one that the employer may be using to learn about physical handicap. Since discrimination for handicaps is illegal, you are on safe ground to answer directly.)