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Germany Visa frequently Asked Questions in various Germany Visa Interviews by interviewer. The set of Germany Visa interview questions here ensures that you offer a perfect answer to the interview questions posed to you. Get preparation of Germany Visa interview

18 Germany Visa Questions and Answers:

1 :: Why do you prefer Germany?

Germany is most power full country of world , German people
is engineering is power of know loge so we prefer of Germany,
and also engineering is most good magnifier machinery
conpany is only on Germany based.
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2 :: I am Married and my husband has got permanent job there. I need to apply for my dependent VISA, what are the procedures for it? i heard that my interview will be in German. Can someone help me?

hi..u need to first fill up the application form available in vfs offices.u should apply for long term visa.u need to submit your passport,3 biometric photos, declaration letter, covering letter written by u, informal letter by your husband inviting you to stay with him there, your husband's company contract, your house rental contract, your husband's 3 month salary slips,your marriage certificate, your German language certificate ( Deutsch A1 from Goethe institute / Max muller bhavan ),your husband's passport A4 size xerox and his vis aif he is already staying there. After u submit all these u will be called for an interview to chennai.Then it'll take around 20 days for your visa to reach your hands. Hope this helps.
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3 :: I am married and have to go Germany. Is it possible to apply with twelth standers certificate.what else I need for dependent visa for spouse?

I will give you a good idea but dont tell this to
anyone.First you goto Germany and marry someone out there
on contract basis with german girl for PR once you get PR
you can cancel your contract Marriage and apply for your
spouse visa and take her along with you thats all .But dont
tell this to anyone.I am not mentioning my particulars.And
you can njoy life in Germany with your spouse .
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4 :: I have done FSc with 70% I have also done IELTS with 5.5 band should i get admission
on this score?

Hope you will Definetly get Admission abroad , It depends
upon the College and Country you are preferring so far
okay . Best answer is from any other person Please Approach
the Concerned Country's Embassey and ask all your quiers
are the right thing to do okay.
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6 :: Is it compulsory to show financial means documents when ever applying for the student visa? Is there any alternative?

The alternatives are to prove you have scholarship or
transfer monies into a German account the embassy can help
you create in Germany
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7 :: Explain the procedure for German VISA?

Kindly go to the following web site and down load the form
& apply for the visa directly at German Consulate At Mumbai,
This is official web site of German Consulate for those who
want to go to Germany for PR, Student Visa, Etc...
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8 :: What is the purpose of schengen business visa?

Kindly go to the you will get all the
information there.
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