Genetics Interview Preparation Guide
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13 Genetics Questions and Answers:

1 :: Gene = cistron = intron + exon?

It is in the case of eukaryotic gene

2 :: Is codominance inheritance same with incomplete dominance inheritance?

no in former all alleles are expressed with discrete
phenotype effect..exam of AB blood group.. 1A:2AB:1B.

later one gives mixed effect of all alleles.
exam of flower 1red:2pink:1white.

3 :: How is co-dominance different from incomplete dominance?

When both allels are completely expressed in heterozygote
called co dominance.

in incomplete dominance in heterozygotes condition
intemidiate between dominant and recessive alleles occur

5 :: Why dna has no uricel while rna had?

because in DNA if uracil is present then it would be more
prone to mutations as urasil has non specific binding also
stability factoe comes to play a role.

6 :: If mutation occurs at the antron region of primary RNA, then what will be it causes?

If mutation occirs at intron region of primary transcript
then functional mRNA will not be generated. This is due to
defect in mRNA splicing. May be this mutation occurs at one
of the splice site which results in production of mRNA of
different sizes.

7 :: Name three scientists involved in Human Genome Project?

craig ventor
james watson'
francis collins

8 :: What is totipotency?

The inherent capacity of a cell to divide as well as
differentiate to form a whole organism is known as totipotency

9 :: Explain steps involved in transcription?

there are 3 basic steps initiation, elongation and termination

10 :: What is the method used to identify your transformed cells from the plasmid vector?

I) If transformant is thought to have antibiotic resistant
gene (called as Marker Gene)along with ur desired gene, then
culture those cells in a media containing that same
==>Case 1:- the cell is not transformed.:-
the cell will not have the antibiotic resistant gene, hence
it wont grow (or simply die)bcoz of antibiotic in the media.
==>Case 2:-the cell is successfully transformed.:-
The cell will easily grow in media bcoz antibiotic wont
affect it as cell will resist it.(bcoz of marker gene).