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14 GATE Questions and Answers:

1 :: 5+3+2 = 151012
9+2+4 = 183662
8+6+3 = 482466
5+4+5 = 202504
7+2+5 = 1435??

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state bank of india

3 :: who is the chairperson of SBI?

Mr. O.P. Bhatt is the current chairman of State Bank of India.

4 :: What is Inflation? How can we calculate inflation? and what is the present rate of Inflation?

inflation is nothing but it is a some kind of reaction which
acts between human and system

6 :: What is the broadcast address of the subnet address


7 :: Which of the following is a true statement?

1. MAC address broadcast are all zeros
2. MAC address are defined at the Physical layer
3. MAC address are used by bridges and switches to make
forwarding / filtering decisions
4. IP addresses allow a flat address scheme,
whereas MAC addresses are hierarchical

8 :: What is the broadcast address of the subnet address



9 :: If you network is currently congested and you are using hubs in you network, what would be the best solution to decrease congestion on your network?

1. Cascade your hubs

2. Replace your hubs with switches

3. Replace your hubs with routers

4. Add faster hubs

10 :: Which of the following is true regarding trunked links?

1. They are configured by default on all switch ports

2. They only work with a type of Ethernet network-not with
Token Ring, FDDI

3. You can set trunk links to any 10-, 100-, and 1000 Mbps ports

4. You must clear the unwanted VLANs by hand