Financial Auditor Interview Preparation Guide
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Financial Auditor Frequently Asked Questions in various Financial Auditor job interviews by interviewer. The set of questions are here to ensures that you offer a perfect answer posed to you. So get preparation for your new job interview

80 Financial Auditor Questions and Answers:

1 :: Explain me what is internal audit?

An independent and objective evaluations or examination of the company’s financial and operational business activities is referred as internal audit.
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2 :: Do you know why internal audit is necessary?

Internal Audit is necessary to

☛ Enhance the size and complexity of businesses
☛ Increase the compliance requirements
☛ Focus on risk management and internal controls to manage them
☛ Unconventional business models
☛ Stringent norms implemented by regulators to protect investors
☛ Intensive use of information technology
☛ Increasingly competitive environment
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3 :: Explain me why do you want to work in this location?

You may have applied to work in a specific location, in which case you'll probably be asked why.

It might be because you'll be able to save money by living with your parents - it's fine to mention your personal reasons, but try to show that you've had a closer look at the office in question too. Perhaps it works with some clients that particularly interest you, or you may have met some of the team members at a recruitment event and got on well with them.
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4 :: Tell me why internal audit?

Some people are career auditors,”, “others view Internal Audit as their entry point into a new business before progressing elsewhere after some time. Whichever you are, make sure you are able to clearly articulate why you are interviewing for this job.
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5 :: What are your salary expectations as Financial Auditor?

This is in some ways a trick question. In that they are trying to trick you into slipping up. Never answer this question directly. Answer it with a question instead, for instance, you can ask them about the range of the position and then explain that salary can depend on the details of the job of which there are many, but only mention a few.
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6 :: Tell me how do you expect this position to help you advance your career?

As a professional, I think it is important to always think about the future. I am excited to join your company as an external auditor, but I have a potential future in mind. I would love to gain a managerial position with your company within the next five years. From there, I would be interested in joining the executives as a financial officer or something of the kind. I do not know exactly how this position will help me in my career, but I know I will gain a lot of important experiences and skills because of it. It will also give me the chance to hone the skills I have currently.
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7 :: How much do you know about our company?

Possibly the best interview tip is to research and understand the company, its products and services. Avoid reeling off a list of memorised information, and instead highlight particular things that caught your interest.
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8 :: In your current position, how are inspection reports posted and communicated? Do you agree with the process?

A team of professional go through the organisation and its work and communicate any difficulty in the manner in which organisation is being run to the board in their report.
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9 :: Tell me while attending post-secondary, what was your best and favorite subject?

I am very conscientious about my job and how it effects the company I work for. I Suggested accountability for timeliness of work performed and concern for a person doing a job they are unqualified for, due to finding a tremendous amount of errors causing financial risks, however no loss has taken place because of corrections I have made.
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10 :: Please explain about your management experience. Do you enjoy being a leader?

I have managed small teams of four people as an Auditor, progressed to manage seven people as a Senior Auditor and twenty people as a Principal Auditor managing a Branch office.The aspects of management involved supervising work by staff, appraising them, providing guidance on audits, including developing audit work plans and audit Planning Memorandum, audit programs, tests of control, guidance on risk based audits and scheduling of audits and general management of resources for the branch ensuring adequacy, planning logistics and ensuring proper usage. I have also done general management of staff to ensure they are well motivated and perform to their full potential, while coordinating all activities with top management at the Head office.
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