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ECDL Interview Questions and Answers will guide us now that European Computer Driving Licence (ECDL) also known as International Computer Driving Licence (ICDL) is a computer literacy certification program provided by the ECDL Foundation, a not for profit organization. ECDL / ICDL certification is a globally recognized Information and Communication Technology and digital literacy certification. According to ECDL Foundation, the ECDL/ICDL certification is recognized and supported by governments

14 European Computer Driving Licence (ECDL) Questions and Answers:

1 :: What is the name of the law for the storage and use of data in the UK?

1. Details Provision Act
2. Data Protection Authority
3. Data Privacy Authority
4. Data Protection Act
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2 :: What is the best way to prevent a computer virus from entering your computer?

1. Log out of your computer each time you have finished using it
2. Install and use anti-virus software on your computer
3. Do not use emails on your machine
4. Make sure all your files are safely stored to your floppy disks
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3 :: What does RSI stand for?

1. Repeated Strain Inclusion
2. Regular Systems Initiation
3. Routine Structures Infection
4. Repetitive Strain Injury
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4 :: Health and safety is important when working with computers, which of the following will help to prevent injuries?

1. Always use screen savers
2. Ensure the office is air conditioned
3. All trailing cables should be secured
4. Turn the lights off at the end of the day
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5 :: Which of the following systems will help to improve communications within the company?

1. Excel
2. Powerpoint
3. Email
4. Solitaire
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6 :: Which is a use of e-commerce on the internet?

1. Checking flight availability
2. Searching for a suitable holiday
3. Researching holiday destinations
4. Booking a holiday
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7 :: Which of the following would you use to find information on the internet?

1. Email
2. Word Processor
3. Search Engine
4. Photo Editor
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8 :: In the home, which of the following would you use the internet for?

1. Storing friends and family names and addresses
2. Researching information for homework
3. Storing your files
4. Re-booting your computer
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9 :: Which is the MAIN advantage of using a network system in the office?

1. Allows sharing of data
2. Regular backups
3. Costs are reduced
4. Office procedures can be automated
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10 :: Which of the following software manages the files and folders on your computers hard disk drive?

1. Applications software
2. Anti-virus software
3. Systems software
4. Utilities software
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