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ERRORS related frequently Asked Questions by expert members with experience in handling ERRORS. These interview questions and answers on technology ERRORS will help you strengthen your technical skills, prepare for the interviews and quickly revise the concepts. So get preparation for how to deal with ERRORS related job interview

36 ERRORS Questions and Answers:

2 :: What is the error in the following code:
int i=400,j;

it is not having return statement

int i=400,j;
return 0;
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3 :: What is Difference Between Server.Response and Response.Redirect in ASP.Net with C#?

The data transfering between two page will be more differ on server.Transfer() and Response.Redirect().


Server.Transfer() helps the one less round trip. The main advantage of this transfer the first page to second page with better performance. The data can pass through variables, query string and also can retrive from the previous page control value.

Eg: Server.Transfer("Default.aspx");


It is very similar to server.Transfer. The main difference is the posted pervious page values can't be accessable. Here also the data can pass through server variables and query string. It simply redirect the page from one page to another.

Eg: Response.Redirect("Default.aspx")

Note: But the pervious page values can't be accessable by Response.Redirect().
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4 :: What is macro in c?
Difference between single linked list & double linked list
What is fifo & lifo?
What is stack & queue?

Macros are preprocessor directives that are defined using #define directive. Macros consist of two parts Macro_Name, & Macro_Substitution_Text.
Before the source code gets complied, the preprocessor will check for the presence of macros. & wherever it found that macro simply replaces that macros with substitution text.

Macros are not Type Safe.
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5 :: What is difference between c/c++ programing language?
What is necessity of c++ when existing c programing language?

The main reason is lengthy C programs lose "Global View" and
become very difficult to visualize as a single concept.

C++ is an advance than C lang which has more features...

But comparing efficiency C is more efficient than C++

But C++ has more flexibility than C.

Also C++ is both combination of OOP and OBP concepts.

C++ has more features as

1.Object oriented
2.Information hiding
3.Standard Template Library
5.Constructors & Destructors
6.Exception Handling
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6 :: When i open the data base the data base gives error as initializing or terminating how i log into data base?

just wait for a few seconds and then try
Database initializing or shutdown in process
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7 :: What is exceptions?

An exception is an event, which occurs during the execution
of a program, that disrupts the normal flow of the program's
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8 :: TNS-00552: no valid cipher suites were specified?

Cause: SSL cipher specs were specified, but none were valid.

Action: Specify correct cipher suites.

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9 :: TNS-00551: underlying transport connection failed?

Cause: The underlying transport adapter used by the SSL
adapter failed to connect.

Action: Enable Oracle Net tracing and try the connection
again. If the connection fails, examine the trace file to
determine the cause.

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10 :: TNS-00550: disconnection error?

Cause: The SSL protocol adapter encountered an error when
the underlying transport disconnected.

Action: This error is not normally visible to users. Enable
Oracle Net tracing and attempt to reproduce the error. If it
occurs, contact Oracle customer support.

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