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26 Dot Net Remoting Questions and Answers:

1 :: Can we configure a .NET Remoting object via XML file?

Yes, via machine.config and application level .config file
(or web.config in ASP.NET). Application-level XML settings
take precedence over machine.config.

2 :: What is the difference btw the following methods in .NET remoting?

Method used to define and configure a remotable Object that
needs to be Activated on server side. This takes 3
parameter as follows:-
RegisterWellKnownServiceType( typeof( <Class/Object
Name> ), <"SomeURI">,
WellKnownObjectMode.Singleton/SingleCall );

This method has to be used on the client module to
comunicate with serve-side activated remote object. Ex:
RegisterWellKnownClientType( typeof( <Class/Object Name> ),
<"Server Remotable Object URL"> );

Similarly, the above two methods are used to define
remotable object type as client activated.

3 :: Explain About sn.exe?

strong Name is the process of assinging the storng name to
the shared assembly.

4 :: Explain About .NET Remoting and types of remoting?

NET Remoting is an enabler for application communication.
It is a generic system for different applications to use to
communicate with one another. .NET objects are exposed to
remote processes, thus allowing interprocess communication

5 :: What are static assemblies and dynamic assemlies.
Differences between them?

Assemblies can be static or dynamic. Static assemblies can
include .NET Framework types (interfaces and classes), as
well as resources for the assembly (bitmaps, JPEG files,
resource files, and so on). Static assemblies are stored on
disk in PE files. You can also use the .NET Framework to
create dynamic assemblies, which are run directly from
memory and are not saved to disk before execution. You can
save dynamic assemblies to disk after they have executed.

6 :: What is a process?

Process is set of task of an running application or an
application itself, getting executed on a OS for which
memory is allocated by OS.

7 :: What are various types of assemblies?

1) shared assembly
2) private assembly
3) satellite assembly

In other way static assembly and dynamic assemblies.

8 :: What is strong name and what is the purpose of strong name?

A name that consists of an assembly's identity—its simple
text name, version number, and culture information (if
provided)—strengthened by a public key and a digital
signature generated over the assembly.

9 :: What is an assembly and what does manifest consists?

Which is reusable,verionable and self describing
building blocks in CLR(Common Language Runtime).

It contains information about the Assembly where it is

10 :: What do you mean by passport authentication and windows authentication?

Passport authentication relies on a centralized service
provided by Microsoft. Passport authentication identifies a
user with using his or her e-mail address and a password
and a single Passport account can be used with many
different Web sites. Passport authentication is primarily
used for public Web sites with thousands of users.