Domain Name System (DNS) Interview Preparation Guide
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DNS frequently Asked Questions by expert members with experience in Domain Name System (DNS). These interview questions and answers on DNS will help you strengthen your technical skills, prepare for the interviews and quickly revise the concepts. So get preparation for the DNS job interview

21 DNS Questions and Answers:

1 :: Do you know what is the use of Domain Name System?

- Domain Name Systems are used to help users in finding the location of the web page over the internet.

- It provides a unique address that is in the form of strings of numbers and it uniquely identifies a web page.

- The address that is being used called as IP address and IP is the protocol used to transfer the information over the network.

- Domain Name systems makes it easy for the user to remember the name and access the web pages easily.

- DNS is an alternate way to provide easy to remember IP addresses and use them to access the web-services easily.
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2 :: Do you know what are the rules for registration of .biz, .com, .info, .name, .net and .org names?

- The domain names can be registered without any restriction and provide open secure channel to file the names for registration.

- The domain names that are shown differently used for different domains and industries that involves the internet infrastructure.

- The activities for the registration being performed on the basis of domains that needs to be taken for example .org.

- There are different domains with different purposes like .org is used for non-commercial organizations and .biz for business purposes.

- After domain registration some legal forms need to be filled to register the domain with the registrar after checking the availability.
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3 :: Explain what is the role of ICANN in Domain Names?

- ICANN is a non-profit organization that has the responsibilities to manage all the technical functions.

- It manages the technical functions and includes the overall management of the Internet Domain Name System.

- It has registrars accredited with the ICANN and they all follow a uniform dispute resolution policy in case two companies fight for same registered name.

- The disputes are being handled by ICANN and it also provides the resources to register the domain and proceed with all the legal process.

- ICANN provides security and deals with the cases that come as a dispute in the court for legal purposes.
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4 :: Tell me what are the steps involved in registering the domain?

- To register the domains the registering of the entry into the directory is being placed where the domain names can be registered according to the computers.

- Domain names are used to provide a way to access the web pages and they end with .aero, .biz, .com, .coop, .info, .museum, .name, .net, .org, or .pro.

- The domain names can be registered using different registrars or companies that deal in registration process.

- The domain gets registered by providing the information given in the registration process and a record is being maintained for the same.

- The technical information being provided to the registrars get stored to a central directory known as registry.

- The registry gives all the information on different computers that are connected to the Internet and accessing the web site.
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5 :: Do you know what is the provision to change the registrars after registering a domain name?

- The provision to register the domain requires sponsorship for the domain name and it requires a time to register it.

- The transfer of the registration process can be done by any registrar and they can provide the sponsorship for the registration.

- The registrars of the accredited by ICANN that is authorized to the register like .aero, .biz, .com, .coop, .info, .museum, .name, .net, .org, or .pro names.

- The registrars that are used to register the domain names offer the services using the resellers program that can provide the assistance for the registration process.

- Registration contract will be accredited with the registrar and it will be his responsibility to maintain the information.
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6 :: Can you explain what is the function of WIPO to resolve the disputes taking place?

- ICANN is the organization that looks into the domain names registration and provides an easy way to get it done as well.

- WIPO makes it easier for businesses to do the business without any international legal standards.

- It provides the top level domain management like .com, .net and .org to resolve the dispute that has come up due to some problems.

- It provides a way to negotiate on the laws that are on the national and international level and gets uniformed by some procedures.

- WIPO provides protection to the intellectual property in international market and provide consultancy to the members of Internet community.

- It provides the prepared and published reports to the community that consists of the recommendations that deals with the domain name issues.
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7 :: Can you explain what is the nature of domain name disputes?

- Domain name disputes enable the users to find the computers and people in an easy way.

- Domain name has significance that has acquired business demands and identifiers to identify the business and target only the businesses existing.

- These disputes are protected by intellectual property rights that include the rules and regulations to tackle the disputes.

- The disputes rises due to the cybersquatting this provides a way to pre-emptive the registration process for the trademarks by third parties and as a domain names.

- Domain names are registered and targeted for the benefit of other person or company. It is being done by the cybersquatters.

- Domain names are being registered with the same domain names by main cybersquatters and put up for the auctions to illegally use the name of the person or the company to benefit themselves.
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8 :: Do you know what are the reasons of having disputes?

The reasons of having disputes are as follows:

- No proper agreement to proceed with the conditions and due to the growing community of internet more and more people are trying to compete with each other.

- No agreement is being given to the organizations for allowing them to register the domain names to use the names that are problematic.

- It allows easy registration of the business but later have practical difficulties to carry on with it due to the name rights, etc.

- The increasing business value is also one of the reasons of disputes for the domain names that is being on the internet.

- More and more cybersquatting taking place that is bringing more disputes between the cybersquatters and businesses those have their name registered.
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9 :: Tell me what is the main purpose of gTLD and ccTLD?

- gTLD is the top level domain that comes under the generic website level and it provides the internet address.

- There are seven new gTLDs that has been selected by ICANN termed as Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers.

- ccTLD provides a country code domain that also comes under the top level domain list like .mx for Mexico.

- ccTLDs are administered and monitored independently by the use of authorities and registration process.

- These allow the use of tools to facilitate the online searches for the information related to the country and the domain that are associated with it.
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10 :: Tell me what are the rules of registration for the domains like .uk, .in, etc.?

- To register the domain name it is required to know the ccTLDs that are associated with the geographic location.

- There are rules and policies that are registered for the domain names and searching for the domain name happens that are reserved for the countries.

- The checking need to, be done for the registration process from the registrar that offers ccTLD registration services.

- ICANN requires the registration services in the ccTLDs provide the registration and its services.

- It provides the database that is designated to the managers and that includes the complete database.
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