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Database Management frequently Asked Questions by expert members with experience in Database Management. These interview questions and answers on Database Management will help you strengthen your technical skills, prepare for the interviews and quickly revise the concepts. So get preparation for the Database Management job interview

15 Database Management Questions and Answers:

1 :: What is datapump?

1. you can deattach or reattch datapump job.
2. you can parallelise datapump job [PARALLEL=4]
3. without export can do import using NETWORK_LINK parameter
4. can calculate export dump file size using ESIMATE_ONLY
5. expdp utility used which is caled by dbms_datapump procudure
6. remapping capabilities during import
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2 :: How to displaying the eno, ename in a table from row
2 to row 5?

select *
from (
select rownum num , empno, ename
from emp
where num between 2 and 5


we can also use row_number function
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3 :: Which acid property will effect when we use commit in trigger?

it shows run time error.....
choosing pragma autonomous_transaction to overcome this problem
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4 :: What is candidate key and primary key, explain different between these two?

candidate key: when we reduce unnecessary columns from a
super key it is called as candidate key
primary key: primary key is a constraint, in a table
there is only one primary key,a primary key is simple or
composite, a simple primary key is based on one column which
can be specified either inline outline of the constraint,a
composite primary key is based on (2-32)columns which can
be specified only out line of the constraint,a primary dose
not allows duplicates.
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5 :: Can we update table which is created from view?

yes we can update view
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6 :: How to access the default tables of 9i?

first connect to sysdba user then write
sql>grant resource to scott;
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7 :: What is sufficient to normalize a database up to 3NF?

dependent on application. Most transactional based
databases require this to avoid duplication etc. However,
OLAP, these type of databases (typically those used in data
warehouses etc.) are not necesarrily normalised as they are
built for performance of querying the data contained within.
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8 :: What is the difference between oracle CPU and PSU?

Patch Set Updates (PSUs) are proactive cumulative patches containing recommended bug fixes that are released on a regular and predictable schedule. PSUs are on the same quarterly schedule as the Critical Patch Updates (CPU), specifically the Tuesday closest to the 17th of January, April, July, and October.
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9 :: What is the difference between delete and truncate?

Truncate is a DDL command, which has autocommit hence
cant be rolled back where as delete is DML with user commit
& roll back option. Truncate is faster then delete since it
wont store any data to backup tablespace. before delting.
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10 :: What is ORACLE CLINICAL?

Oracle Clinical or O*C is a database management system
designed by Oracle to provide data management, data entry
and data validation functionalities to Clinical Trials
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