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Corporate Trainer related Frequently Asked Questions by expert members with job experience as Corporate Trainer. These questions and answers will help you strengthen your technical skills, prepare for the new job interview and quickly revise your concepts

102 Corporate Trainer Questions and Answers:

1 :: Tell me how have you gone about identifying employee training needs in the organization?

Finding out training needs includes communicating with managers and supervisors, conducting surveys, talking to the employees and observing on the job performance. Analyzing performance management feedback and organizational, departmental and operational needs. Give a specific example in your interview answer.
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2 :: Where do you see yourself in five years as Corporate Trainer?

I see myself advancing or progressing in my career. I hope to have achieved my goals and aim and also to impact in people.
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3 :: Tell me how would you describe your training style?

My training method is a combination of visual demonstration, Q&A discussion, presentation of information, and practice. I engage my students in the lesson, providing them opportunity to engage with the information or skill themselves through discussion, practice, and questions.
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4 :: Explain me about your education. How has it prepared you for a career as a Training Specialist?

I have attended multiple workshops such as coaching to performance, motivating for results, taken college course work in business management and I am certified in Microsoft Office 2010.
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5 :: Tell me how do you prepare your training manual for a department?

After each class I submit any changes and corrections so it is ready for print and assembly. I delegate the assembly of the manual to folks on the phone that have down time.
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6 :: Please tell me how Would Your Boss, Co-Workers, and Subordinates Describe You?

Be ready to give some examples of the kind of team player you are. If you are not into office politics and have harbored good relationships at work, mention it. And remember that the interviewer may ask your references the same question. I strongly suggest contacting your references before the interview stage in order to talk through your career goals and how the reference can best support them.
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7 :: Tell me what is the difference between training and development?

The basic difference between training and development is:

Training helps to make the employee of a company to be more effective and efficient in the present role and responsibilities of the job i.e. fulfill short term needs of any company but development helps to improve the overall personality dimensions of an employee to take up any future assignments if any and better equipped to handle any critical situations might occur i.e. fulfill long term needs of any company.
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8 :: Tell me what is the role of a trainer in a company?

The role of a trainer is to develop a competency and skill sets in an individual to perform his/her effectively and efficiently in the work place. The trainer should communicate to the trainees about what is expected out of training in a simple and professional way.

The trainer plays a pivotal role from start to end of the training that includes the following:

☛ Training plan
☛ Timing of different training sessions
☛ Choosing the relevant training methods
☛ Preparing the training materials and aids
☛ Conducting training sessions and
☛ Evaluating the post training session
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9 :: Explain me how can better communication help in effectively implementing the change management?

Communication plays an extremely important role in the process of implementing change. Resistance to change occurs because of:

☛ Fear of change
☛ Not being a part of the change process
☛ People moving away from their comfort zones
☛ Low level of trust In being able to manage change
☛ Wrong information about the need for change

However, all these problems can be better managed with open and clear communication.
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10 :: Tell me what is the importance of communication while taking a disciplinary action?

A disciplinary action can invoke a feeling of mistrust among not only the employee against whom the action is being taken but also his fellow employees.

In order to avoid this feeling of mistrust against the employer, it is important to:

☛ Document the disciplinary procedure and communicate it to all the employees
☛ Provide a clear reference to the activities and the disciplinary action they call for according to the guidelines.
☛ Ensure that the employee against whom the action is being taken understands and accepts his behaviours against which the action is being taken.

And, all these can be achieved only if you have clear communication system in place.
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