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Citrix Xen Desktop frequently Asked Questions in various Citrix Xen Desktop job Interviews by interviewer. The set of questions here ensures that you offer a perfect answer posed to you. So get preparation for your new job hunting

25 Citrix Xen Desktop Questions and Answers:

1 :: Can you please explain the difference between Citrix xen desktop virtualization and Xen server?

• Citrix xen server provides server virtualization that enables one platform to host multiple operating system, whereas citrix xen desktop provides desktop virtualization that enables many operating systems to be shared in the datacenter.

• Citrix xen server allow the utilization of the server to be maximum, whereas citrix desktop virtualization allows better performance and efficiency as it is controlled and managed from one place.
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2 :: Do you have any idea how does Citrix Xen Desktop help in enterprises?

Citrix Xen Desktop is a Desktop virtualization solution for business that need smart management of Desktops. Administrators need not manage applications individually on machines rather it can be done on the go with Citrix Xen Server, remotely. Citrix Xen Desktop enables the client machines to stream a live Desktop to the their machines through centralized Xen Server.
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3 :: Do you know what all elements could be packaged as images and then can be deployed on datacenter in Citrix Xen Desktop?

In order to get a new business startup quick and running, the elements like OS, Applications & User profiles can be packaged as single images and then deployed on datacenters. This process dynamically assembles desktops for each user. These images are maintained by administrators and according to the user tasks these images are deployed.
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4 :: Tell us what you know about Single Instance Management?

A Single Instance Management is referred as a task to apply updates and packages just once that is on the images that are maintained by the administrators at Xen Server. This means less storage is required to handle desktop in datacenter. This provides easy to manage features to the maintainers or administrators of the IT departments.
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5 :: Please tell me how citrix xen fullfill the requirements produced by desktop virtualization?

Citrix xend virtualization provides a single solution for desktop virtualization that gives on demand services for desktop and other applications. It allows the user to securely deliver the resources through the web to PCs and to the client area with high end user experience.
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6 :: Do you know what is the use of desktop virtualization?

Desktop virtualization provides optimizations techniques to deliver the applications, data and desktop environment to the users. It further provides the security by managing all the applications and desktop systems at one place. It manages and updates different static desktop images from one place and allows the customization of applications to provide high performance, security and portability to each user.
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7 :: Please explain how Xen desktop helps in popularizing the businesses?

Citrix xen desktop provides high level of virtualization to help businesses build their tool and increase their output or productivity day by day. The features that are provided are as follows:
• It enables the virtual space and workflow to increase the productivity.
• It provides latest features and help businesses with tools to incorporate those easily.
• It gives an easy to use virtualization platform to deliver fast, efficient and flexible applications.
• It manages, create and secure the desktop applications from one location.
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8 :: Tell me what is the use and purpose of producing a desktop virtualization platform by Citrix?

Citrix has provided a platform that gives desktop virtualization and it delivers the desktop services and applications from anywhere to the users. It reduces the complexity and improves the security of the data. It provides a centralized place to manage the datacenter. It delivers high end experience for the user and provides high latency in the network. It offers reduced time for execution of the application and flexibility in the delivering customized desktops to both virtual and physical devices.
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9 :: Please tell us what is the three phase approach to desktop virtualization?

The three phases provided by Citrix Xen is as follows:
• Assess: This is a phase where the user groups gets profiled and prioritized according to the applications they are using. The decision of ordering and user segments virtualization takes place.
• Design: in this stage a process to create a detailed design will be included using the networking concept. It will include active directory, storage and image manipulation. This will be the phase where all the requirements will be finalized before install.
• Deploy: In this stage the xen desktop virtualization will be installed, tested and deployed according to the design.
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10 :: Tell me does Citrix Xen Desktop support global or public access?

Citrix Xen Desktop can be accessed globally from anywhere at any time and any device. This is actually an advantage of having a centralized server at location that serves to all the devices that can actually communicate to it and through minimal C itrix platform tools can actually stream a personally configured Desktop on the go.
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