Changing Career Interview Preparation Guide
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Changing Career frequently Asked Questions in various job Interviews regarding Career Change by interviewer. Get preparation of Changing Career job interview questions

17 Career Change Questions and Answers:

1 :: I have completed my graduation in 4 years with 55% due to backlogs, now i am pursuing the MBA(hr) but i am interested in doing software sector jobs. is there any software course which i need to do?

You can become a business analyst, but you need to lean few concepts and posses some skills. You can learn SAP or Peoplesoft HR module. that will help you get jobs and slowly you can transition to Business analysis.

2 :: Tell me what about the other side of the coin?

Depends on the job you are seeking. Which field or job are you interested in?
You question is as vague as asking someone what they would like to eat? Obviously, your next questions may be "how hungry are you or for lunch/dinner/snack?

Similarly, which job or industry are you interested in? If your answer is in whichever I can earn more money, then no one can answer that question for you. Not all SAP consultants earn the big bucks. Not all managers make big bugs.

3 :: Explain what certifications are good for software testing professional?

The certifications are
# Certified Software Project Manager (CSPM)
# Certified Software Quality Analyst (CSQA)
# Certified Software Tester (CSTE)

Advance Certifications are

5 :: I am MBA Finance With IT and i want to do Oracle 10g will this will help to build my career?

I suggest you to have handson experiencein SQL, which will help you to be a skilled resource.

6 :: I complete my masters degree in computers.
I want to get a job easily. What is your suggestion to me to select a ploteform?

The platform you select depends on your interest and your capability, any how select a platform that is existing for a long time and has life for long time in future. You may go for Mainframes, SAP.

7 :: I am doing my MCA 2nd year.
Is any coaching required before attending the campus interviews including aptitude, gd?

I think not require any coaching , U have to go through aptitude test , C and communication .

U can prepare ur self better .

8 :: Can any one tell me that I wanted to know the scope of SAS 9.0. if I pursue a course in this program will i be able to get a job?

Let me know your full details like what is your qualification,your work area,work exp and so on so that I can guide you briefly and properly on the same.

9 :: Tell me who will have a better future in software development whether cs branch students or non it branches?

Believe IT, There are openings even for PhD., It is not CS Branch or Non IT Branch, What matters is how you put use your specialization as applied to Technology.

10 :: Tell me I am a mechanical engineer i wanna shift to software field by doing a training course in sap. Please advise me regarding this?

I think Both Mech Filed and IT are totally different.. You cant acehive in IT Feild only by undergo training course..Without hardwork and deep concentration its not possible to acheive something in IT .. Before you goahead into IT Be confident and understand the things in IT.. Then you can win ...........